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Rating: 5.10/10 from 74000 votes
Tags: watching a porno movie, nude outside, female full rear nudity


As a Stifler you should have a lot going for you in high school, but this is not the case with Erik. Unlike his illustrious cousins he isn't a oversexed partying jock, but rather a good-natured shy guy. He hasn't even had sex, although he has a girlfriend, but Tracy Sterling is not quite ready for it yet.

Erik is getting pretty desperate though. He can't leave high school as a virgin, not as a Stifler, can he? Then Tracy, after being ridiculed by her girlfriends, decides it's time. Erik is overjoyed, but when things go awry, Tracy is not in the mood anymore. She doesn't want to restrain him any further and gives him a guilt-free pass for the weekend. He is free to do whatever he wants.

Erik decides to visit the Naked Mile event at the college of his cousin Dwight, where students once a year run around naked.

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American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile
We're At The Top Of The World
Brett Detar: Writer
The Juliana Theory: Performer
Stuck In America
Timothy Alan Pagnotta: Writer
Sugarcult: Performer
Down Down Down
Gabriel Mann: Writer
Gabriel Mann: Performer
Let's Get It On
Marvin Gaye: Writer
Marvin Gaye: Performer
News International - Sting 2
Terry Devine-King: Composer
Say Goodbye
Ali Dee: Writer
I Wish
Skee-Lo: Writer
Skee-Lo: Performer
On The Run
Ali Dee: Writer
Chris Classic: Performer
Go Hard
Lance Bennett: Writer
Kel Spencer: Performer
That's What Dreams Are Made Of
Curt Harpel: Writer
Allister: Performer
Here We Go
Ali Dee: Writer
The Grand Skeem: Performer
Sucka MCs
Ali Dee: Writer
The Grand Skeem: Performer
Got To Give It To Em
Jason Rabinowitz: Writer
Lexicon: Performer
Candy Store
Ali Dee: Writer
Sarai Howard: Performer
Ain't No Game
Ali Dee: Writer
Check Out The Sound
Ali Dee: Writer
Boomish: Performer
Ali Dee: Writer
Let's Go Home
Jeremy Silver: Writer
Birthday Song
Ben Lee: Writer
Ben Lee: Performer
RU Ready
Ali Dee: Writer
We're At The Top Of The World
Brett Detar: Performer
Let's Get It On
Marvin Gaye: Performer
That's What Dreams Are Made Of
Curt Harpel: Performer
Ain't No Game
Ali Dee: Performer
Let's Go Home
Jeremy Silver: Performer

User reviews

Daniel Garcia

The music selection enhances the comedic moments in the film, adding an extra layer of humor to the scenes.

Daniel Martin

The music selection in the film enhances the comedic moments and adds to the overall lighthearted atmosphere, making it a joy to watch and listen to.

Richard Harris

The songs chosen for the soundtrack create a nostalgic feeling, reminiscent of the early 2000s era, which fits well with the overall theme of the movie.

Stephanie Lopez

I found the songs in the film to be distracting and out of place, lacking cohesion with the scenes they were paired with. The lackluster soundtrack detracted from the emotional impact of key moments, making them feel shallow and disconnected from the audience.

Betty Turner

The soundtrack effectively sets the tone for different scenes, whether it's a romantic moment between Erik and Tracy or a hilarious mishap during the Naked Mile event, adding depth to the storytelling.

Lisa Robinson

The variety of music genres featured in the film's soundtrack keeps things interesting and dynamic, catering to different tastes and moods throughout the movie.

Kimberly Jackson

The music in the film sets the tone for the wild and adventurous journey that Erik embarks on during the Naked Mile event.

Carol Turner

Some of the songs chosen for specific scenes are not only catchy but also help to convey the emotions and struggles of the characters, adding another layer of depth to their development.

Mary Roberts

The soundtrack features a good mix of classic party songs and modern tracks, appealing to a wide range of audiences.

Margaret Lee

The use of popular songs in key scenes of the movie helps to create a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, which can resonate with audiences who grew up with the American Pie franchise.

Kenneth Harris

The soundtrack includes catchy tunes that are perfect for setting a lighthearted and carefree mood, making it enjoyable to listen to even outside of the movie.