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The Forrester Mansion is festively decorated for Eric and Quinn's big day. Pam and Charlie who help the catering find themselves in an awkward position between obligation to Eric and loyalty to the family. Upstairs, Ivy helps Quinn to get ready. Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Steffy balks when she finds Thorne, Felicia, Rick, Maya, Thomas, Wyatt and Zende dressed up as they are all having second thoughts about their plan. Ridge reminds everyone that they must go through with their boycott of the wedding to make Eric wake up. Pam and Charlie arrive and inform them how happy Eric seemed and that the unexpected absence of his family will hit him hard. Eric is indeed shocked when the wedding march begins and Ivy is the sole guest! A weeping Quinn tells Eric that they can't go through with the wedding as their marriage will cost Eric his family.

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"Amour, gloire et beauté" Episode #1.7426
High Upon This Love
Jack Allocco: Writer