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Rating: 6.10/10 from 250 votes
Tags: big city, dream, desire
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Ante Geia

Title in Italiano:

Take Care

Title in Português:

Take Care

Title in Français:

Ante Geia

Title in Türk:

Ante Geia

Title in Deutsch:

Ante Geia


In high hopes of becoming a singer, Christos, a twenty-two-year-old dreamer from Lefkada, decides to take a chance on bustling Athens.

Instead--as the whole edifice of his aspiration crumbles--Christos lands a job as an apprentice at the neighbourhood's butcher shop, where he finally receives the attention and the respect he needs.

However--as the boss' neglected forty-year-old wife, Marina, experiences a silent but inexplicably strong attraction for the young man who has entered their life--in the same way, her only daughter, Fani, falls for her father's protégé, unbeknownst to her that Christos is already in a relationship with the tempestuous Roula who is not willing to lose him.

Then, when a sudden tragedy befalls the family, inadvertently, Christos becomes an unattainable object of desire, while, at the same time, a storm is brewing, stirring personal needs, unspoken passions, and unfulfilled dreams.

Will Christos lose everything in search of love?

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Ante Geia
Fevgoun oi ores
Zilevo ta poulia
To kokkino foustani
Kostas Kindinis: Lyrics

User reviews

Anthony Lopez

The blend of contemporary and traditional sounds in the music reflects the clash of old and new in Christos' journey of self-discovery and love.

Brian Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Ante Geia failed to capture the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' intertwined relationships, leaving the audience disconnected from the unfolding drama.

Edward Clark

The use of traditional Greek instruments in the score adds an authentic touch to the film and enhances the storytelling.

David King

The music creates a sense of intimacy and connection with the characters, allowing the audience to empathize with their struggles and desires.

Matthew Hall

The soundtrack of Ante Geia perfectly captures the bittersweet journey of Christos from aspiring singer to apprentice at a butcher shop in Athens.

Deborah Jackson

The soundtrack's subtle shifts in tone mirror the evolving relationships and conflicts within the story, adding layers of complexity to the characters' experiences.

Ronald Davis

The soundtrack of Ante Geia is a captivating blend of traditional Greek melodies and modern arrangements that perfectly captures the emotional depth of the characters' journeys. Each track enhances the storytelling, immersing the audience in the intimate moments of love, longing, and loss.

Stephanie Allen

The melancholic melodies beautifully capture the heart-wrenching moments of love, loss, and longing in the film, evoking a sense of empathy and understanding among the audience.

Joshua Lewis

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack beautifully convey the underlying themes of desire, loss, and unfulfilled dreams that drive the narrative forward.

Robert Jones

The soundtrack of Ante Geia is truly captivating and emotionally stirring. Each musical piece perfectly complements the unfolding drama and adds depth to the characters' emotions.

Karen Perez

The music selection in Ante Geia felt repetitive and uninspired, lacking in originality and failing to enhance the overall viewing experience with memorable or impactful moments.

Kenneth Martin

The soundtrack's melodic motifs weave a rich tapestry of emotions, from joy and passion to heartbreak and longing, echoing the characters' inner turmoil.

Joshua Jones

The music in Ante Geia beautifully underscores the complexities of human relationships, adding layers of depth and nuance to the unfolding drama. The haunting vocals and poignant instrumentals evoke a sense of nostalgia and melancholy, creating a powerful connection between the audience and the characters on screen.

Nancy Carter

The music evokes a sense of longing and hope as Christos navigates the challenges of his new life and unexpected relationships with Marina and Fani.

Amanda Williams

Overall, the music in Ante Geia enhances the film's narrative depth and emotional resonance, making it a compelling and immersive experience for the audience.

Susan Young

The use of traditional Greek instruments and haunting vocals creates a sense of cultural authenticity, immersing the viewers in the rich tapestry of Greek life and love depicted in the movie.

Michelle Wilson

The emotional depth of the soundtrack mirrors the complex dynamics between the characters, especially the tension between Christos, Marina, and Roula.