To All the Boys: Always and Forever Soundtrack (

To All the Boys: Always and Forever Soundtrack (2021) cover

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Rating: 6.30/10 from 14574 votes
Tags: trilogy, college application


Senior year of high school takes center stage as Lara Jean returns from a family trip to Korea and considers her college plans - with and without Peter.

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To All the Boys: Always and Forever
Girls' Generation: Performer
Iggy Azalea: Writer
Lana Condor: Performer
Spice Girls: Performer
Richard Stannard: Writer
Sandflower: Performer
Unsung Songs
Ages and Ages: Performer
Cherry Bullet: Performer
Me and My Mind
Brad Mair: Writer
All Right Now
Andy Fraser: Writer
David Das: Performer
Tutti Frutti
Little Richard: Performer
Dorothy La Bostrie: Writer
Pretty Savage
Teddy Park: Writer
Blackpink: Performer
I Like Me Better (Ryan Riback Remix)
Lauv: Performer
Lauv: Writer
Tom Speight: Performer
Tom Speight: Writer
Warm Glow
Hippo Campus: Performer
Jake Luppen: Writer
Do Not Disturb
Dan Cipriano: Performer
Dan Cipriano: Writer
Beginning Middle End
The Greeting Committee: Performer
Leah Nobel: Performer
Leah Nobel: Writer
Gold Star
Run for Your Money
Dream Girl
Betta Lemme: Performer
Betta Lemme: Writer
Don't Speak
Lune: Performer
Linnea Martinsson: Writer
One More Chance
Charlie Faye: Performer
Charlie Faye: Writer
Don't Look Back in Anger
Noel Gallagher: Writer
Oasis: Performer
Alex Lustig: Writer
Milk & Bone: Performer
Feeling That
Boots Ottestad: Writer
The Same
Ashe: Performer
Ashe: Writer
Real Love
Ashe: Performer
Ashe: Writer
I Will Take Care of You
William Bell: Performer
William Bell: Writer
Dancing in the Moonlight
Sherman Kelly: Writer
Toploader: Performer
Toploud: Performer
Until We Leave the Ground
Emmit Fenn: Performer
Emmit Fenn: Writer
Beginning Middle End (Always and Forever Mix)
Leah Nobel: Performer
Leah Nobel: Writer
On Fire Again
FLETCHER: Performer
Oh No (I Think I'm in Love)
Blossoms: Performer
Josh Dewhurst: Writer