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Tags: shooting oneself, armed bank robbery
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Taisto Kasurinen is a miner in a remote Finnish town. After the mine where he works shuts down permanently, he is given an unusual send-off by his father as he heads toward Helsinki to start a new life. That send off includes his father giving him his broken down, older model convertible whose top is now permanently in the down position. Taisto has little money in his pockets and needs to work odd jobs along the way to survive.

On his way to Helsinki and once in Helsinki, Taisto gets into one misadventure after another. But the one bright spot for him in Helsinki is meeting single mother Irmeli Pihlaja, who works several jobs in order to pay for the modest items in her possession she has paid for in installments. They quickly fall for each other and plan to get married, that plan which hits a snag when an incident befalls Taisto.

Although marrying Irmeli is foremost on his mind, he will have to decide how far he will go to achieve that end goal, and what that end goal will look like for him, Irmeli and her adolescent son.

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Muistojeni tango
Olavi Virta: Performer
Sauvo Puhtila: Writer
Rauli Somerjoki: Performer
Rauli Somerjoki: Writer
Kylmä rakkaus
Olavi Virta: Performer
Erik Lindström: Composer
Reino Helismaa: Writer
Haaveisiin vaipunut
Rauli Somerjoki: Performer
Rauli Somerjoki: Writer
Symphony No. 6 in B minor
Menneitä muistellessa
Olavi Virta: Performer
Olavi Virta: Writer
Odotin pitkän illan
Reino Helismaa: Writer
Esko Rahkonen: Performer
Symphony No. 9 in E flat major
Reino Helismaa: Writer
Taisto Tammi: Performer
Sateenkaaren tuolla puolen (Over the Rainbow)
Harold Arlen: Composer
Olavi Virta: Performer

User reviews

Elizabeth Williams

The use of traditional Finnish music in the soundtrack adds a layer of authenticity to the storytelling, immersing the audience in the cultural context of the characters' lives and experiences.

Daniel King

The use of traditional Finnish instruments in the soundtrack of Ariel adds a layer of authenticity and cultural richness to the film. The blending of folk elements with modern compositions enhances the storytelling and immerses the audience in the unique setting of the narrative.

Ashley Davis

The soundtrack of Ariel perfectly captures the melancholic and gritty atmosphere of the film, enhancing the emotions of the characters and the struggles they face on their journey.

Michelle Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Ariel perfectly captures the melancholic and raw emotions of the protagonist's journey from a remote Finnish town to Helsinki. The haunting melodies and atmospheric music create a sense of longing and hope in the midst of adversity.

Lisa Walker

The musical score in Ariel often feels disconnected from the on-screen action, failing to enhance the dramatic moments or build tension effectively. This lack of synchronization between the music and the narrative detracts from the overall viewing experience and weakens the emotional impact of key scenes.

Thomas Rodriguez

The haunting melodies and evocative instrumentals in the soundtrack of Ariel stay with you long after the film ends, resonating with the themes of love, sacrifice, and resilience portrayed in the story.

Susan Parker

The soundtrack of Ariel lacks diversity in musical styles, with a repetitive use of somber and melancholic tones throughout the film. This monotonous approach fails to capture the full range of emotions and dynamics present in the storyline.

William Jackson

The soundtrack of Ariel truly captivates the essence of the characters' emotional journey, with each musical piece perfectly complementing the unfolding story.

Joshua Lopez

The instrumental choices in the soundtrack of Ariel can be jarring at times, with abrupt shifts in tone and tempo that disrupt the flow of the film. These sudden changes in musical direction can be distracting and undermine the cohesiveness of the storytelling, leaving the audience feeling disconnected from the characters and their struggles.

Anthony Perez

The haunting melodies and melancholic tones in the soundtrack of Ariel evoke a deep sense of empathy and connection with the struggles and aspirations of Taisto and Irmeli, making their love story even more poignant and relatable.

Linda Brown

The use of traditional Finnish instruments and folk-inspired compositions in the soundtrack of Ariel adds a unique cultural richness to the film, enhancing the authenticity of the characters' experiences and creating a truly immersive viewing experience.

Linda Wilson

The musical score effectively conveys the sense of hope and desperation that permeates the narrative, creating a powerful emotional connection with the audience as the characters navigate their challenges.