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Rating: 7.30/10 from 46000 votes
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G.O.R.A. 2

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"A.R.O.G" is a Turkish science fiction comedy film directed by Cem Yılmaz. The film follows the story of a prehistoric man named Commander Logar who is sent to the future by mistake. In the future, he encounters advanced technology and struggles to adapt to the modern world. As he tries to find a way back to his own time, he must also deal with the challenges of living in a society that is vastly different from his own. The film combines humor with social commentary, exploring themes of progress, technology, and cultural differences.

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O Bir Aroganli
Halit Çelikoglu: Writer
Mehmet Dagdelen: Performer
Return to Innocence
Michael Cretu: Writer
Enigma: Writer
Kibar Gelin
Murat Kalaycioglu: Performer
Akdeniz Aksamlari
Serhan Kelleözü: Performer
Mahir Dinçer: Performer

User reviews

Betty Young

Overall, the music in A.R.O.G contributes significantly to the overall viewing experience, immersing the audience in the world of the film and enhancing its storytelling.

Stephanie Anderson

The musical score expertly navigates between the prehistoric world of Commander Logar and the futuristic setting he finds himself in, creating a seamless transition that immerses the audience in the character's journey through time. The use of traditional instruments mixed with modern electronic beats adds a dynamic and engaging layer to the overall viewing experience.

Dorothy Scott

I appreciate how the soundtrack incorporates futuristic elements to mirror the advanced technology portrayed in the film, creating a cohesive audiovisual experience.

Dorothy Evans

The soundtrack of A.R.O.G truly captures the essence of the film's unique storyline and blend of humor with social commentary. Each track beautifully complements the scenes, enhancing the emotional depth and comedic timing of the movie.

Paul Brown

The music in the film is dynamic and engaging, keeping the audience invested in the journey of Commander Logar.

Laura Wilson

The music enhances the humor in the movie, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the already witty and clever storyline.

Ashley Rodriguez

The musical score effectively conveys the cultural differences between Commander Logar's prehistoric world and the modern society he finds himself in, adding depth to the narrative.

Kenneth Taylor

The blend of electronic and traditional music in the soundtrack mirrors the fusion of old and new that is central to the storyline of the film.

Mary Garcia

The blend of traditional Turkish music with modern electronic sounds in the soundtrack reflects the juxtaposition of past and future elements in the plot, adding richness to the overall atmosphere.

Robert Taylor

I found the music to be dynamic and engaging, enhancing key moments in the film and drawing me further into the story.

Kenneth Taylor

The soundtrack of A.R.O.G showcases the talent of the composers in creating a cohesive and evocative musical backdrop for the story.

George Allen

The soundtrack successfully conveys the themes of progress and technological advancement, reflecting the clash between past and future in the film.

Matthew Adams

The soundtrack of A.R.O.G perfectly captures the blend of science fiction and comedy in the film, setting the tone for a unique viewing experience.

Ronald Martinez

Overall, the soundtrack of A.R.O.G stands out as a creative and well-executed accompaniment to the film, contributing significantly to its overall impact and entertainment value.

Richard Anderson

The soundtrack of A.R.O.G effectively captures the contrast between the prehistoric world of Commander Logar and the futuristic setting he finds himself in.

Timothy Carter

The use of traditional Turkish instruments in the soundtrack gives the film a unique cultural identity and adds depth to the narrative.

Stephanie Nelson

The music in A.R.O.G helps to create a sense of adventure and wonder as Commander Logar navigates the challenges of the modern world.

Karen Wright

The soundtrack successfully underscores the themes of progress and adaptation, emphasizing the challenges faced by the protagonist in navigating a rapidly changing world.

Amanda Green

The musical score of the film enhances the comedic elements, adding a sense of whimsy and lightheartedness to the story.

Emily Mitchell

The soundtrack of A.R.O.G effectively underscores the emotional moments in the film, adding poignancy to the character development.

Mark Taylor

The emotional depth of the music resonated with me, enhancing the character development and adding an element of poignancy to the comedic aspects of the film.