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B. Tech

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B. Tech


Set in Bangalore, the story revolves around a bunch of B. Tech students, who perpetually fail their examinations. Consequently, they are put to test as their lives get murkier and challenging. Will they be able to win over their challenges?

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B. Tech
Appooppan Thaadi
Hari Narayanan: Writer
Job Kurian: Performer
Rahul Raj: Produced
Vinayak Sasikumar: Writer
Rahul Raj: Produced
Rahul Raj: Performer
Ore Nilaa Ore Veyil
Hari Narayanan: Writer
Nikhil Mathew: Performer
Rahul Raj: Produced
Peda Glassu
Jassie Gift: Performer
Rahul Raj: Produced
Vinay Govind: Writer
Yaa Illaahi
Ziya Ul-Haq: Performer
Rahul Raj: Produced
K. Nasir Ibrahim: Writer