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Rating: 7.60/10 from 602000 votes
Tags: hearing impairment, listening to music on headphones
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Baby Driver

Title in Português:

Baby Driver - Alta Velocidade


Baby Driver is a young and partially hearing impaired getaway driver who can make any wild move while in motion with the right track playing. It's a critical talent he needs to survive his indentured servitude to the crime boss, Doc, who values his role in his meticulously planned robberies.

However, just when Baby thinks he is finally free and clear to have his own life with his new girlfriend, Debora, Doc coerces him back for another job. Now saddled with a crew of thugs too violently unstable to keep to Doc's plans, Baby finds himself and everything he cares for in terrible danger.

To survive and escape the coming maelstrom, it will take all of Baby's skill, wits and daring, but even on the best track, can he make it when life is forcing him to face the music?

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Baby Driver
Harlem Shuffle
The Foundations: Performer
Bob & Earl: Performer
Egyptian Reggae
Jonathan Richman: Performer
Secondo Intermezzino Pop
Ennio Morricone: Performer
Was He Slow
Kid Koala: Performer
You Are So Beautiful
Bug Hall: Performer
The Original Five
Heitor Pereira: Performer
Randall's Attack
Randy Newman: Performer
Let's Go Away For Awhile
The Beach Boys: Performer
Carla Thomas: Performer
Unsquare Dance
Neat Neat Neat
The Damned: Performer
The Commodores: Performer
Sky Ferreira: Performer
Nigel Godrich: Produced
Sam Petts-Davies: Engineered
Baby I'm Yours
Barbara Lewis: Performer
T. Rex: Performer
Beck: Performer
Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)
Cry Baby Cry
Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II)
The Edge
Brighton Rock
Nowhere To Run
Run The Jewels
Every Little Bit Hurts
Ready Let's Go
Hollaback Girl
Hocus Pocus
New Orleans Instrumental No. 1
Radar Love
Know How
Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
Baby Driver
Randall's Attack
Monsters, Inc. (2001): Performer
Let's Go Away For Awhile
Brian Wilson: Performer
Conrad O. Johnson Sr.: Performer
Baby I'm Yours
Van McCoy: Performer
Early In The Morning
Alexis Korner: Performer
Danny Flores: Performer
When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
Isaac Hayes: Performer
Ready Let's Go
Michael Sandison: Performer

User reviews

Deborah Phillips

I found that the music often overshadowed the dialogue and action sequences, making it difficult to fully engage with the storyline and characters.

Donna Campbell

The diverse range of music genres featured in the soundtrack reflects the eclectic taste of the protagonist, Baby, and helps to develop his character further.

Lisa Robinson

The eclectic mix of songs, ranging from classic rock to indie pop, adds depth and personality to each character and scene. It's a soundtrack that sticks with you long after the movie ends, making you want to hit the road and blast the tunes just like Baby.

Edward Anderson

The way in which the music is integrated into the film, with each scene choreographed to the beat of the songs, is nothing short of brilliant and adds an extra layer of excitement to the action sequences.

Stephanie Carter

The way the music is integrated into the film, syncing with the character's movements and actions, is incredibly creative and adds a unique element to the storytelling.

Amanda Allen

The soundtrack of Baby Driver perfectly complements the fast-paced action scenes, adding intensity and excitement to the movie.

Ashley Rodriguez

The selection of songs is eclectic and well-curated, showcasing both classic tracks and more contemporary hits that appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Laura Clark

The soundtrack of Baby Driver is so well-crafted that it feels like each song was tailor-made for specific scenes, enhancing the overall cohesiveness of the film.

Kenneth Garcia

The soundtrack of Baby Driver is not just a background element, but a crucial part of the narrative, driving the plot forward and creating memorable moments throughout the film.

Matthew Harris

The catchy and energetic tunes in the soundtrack make it impossible not to tap your feet or nod your head along with the rhythm, enhancing the immersive nature of the movie.

Jennifer Davis

The soundtrack of Baby Driver is a masterful blend of different musical genres that perfectly complement the fast-paced action scenes and the emotional moments of the film.

Steven Brown

The soundtrack of Baby Driver is an absolute masterpiece that enhances the entire movie-going experience. Each track is perfectly synchronized with the action on screen, creating a thrilling and immersive atmosphere.

Brian Lewis

The soundtrack not only enhances the action sequences but also adds emotional depth to the quieter moments, showcasing the versatility and impact of music in storytelling.

Joshua Turner

The use of music as a central element of the story enhances the overall viewing experience, making the audience feel more connected to the characters and their struggles.

Michelle Miller

Certain songs in the soundtrack did not seem to resonate with the mood or tone of the scenes they were paired with, creating a jarring and disjointed viewing experience.

James Martin

The soundtrack not only serves as a backdrop to the story but also plays a crucial role in defining the characters and their motivations, giving them depth and complexity beyond what is shown on screen.

Michael White

The soundtrack of Baby Driver felt repetitive and predictable, lacking diversity and originality in its song choices.

Daniel Evans

The use of music as a central theme in Baby Driver adds a layer of sophistication and depth to the storytelling, making it more than just a typical action film.

Laura Taylor

The way the music is woven into the story makes you feel like you are right there with Baby, experiencing every twist and turn of his high-speed escapades. It's a brilliant showcase of how music can elevate a film to a whole new level of excitement and emotion.

Jennifer Perez

Overall, the soundtrack of Baby Driver is a standout feature of the film that elevates it from being just another action movie to a cinematic experience that is both thrilling and emotionally resonant.

Michael Phillips

Overall, the soundtrack of Baby Driver is a standout feature of the film, elevating it to a whole new level of cinematic experience and making it a must-watch for music and movie lovers alike.

Deborah Allen

Each song in the soundtrack feels carefully selected and adds depth to the emotions and motivations of the characters, enhancing the overall viewing experience.