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Rating: 8.10/10 from 286000 votes
Tags: brief encounter, enduring relationship
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Antes del atardecer

Title in Italiano:

Prima del tramonto

Title in Português:

Antes do Anoitecer


Early thirty-something American Jesse Wallace is in a Paris bookstore, the last stop on a tour to promote his best selling book, This Time. Although he is vague to reporters about the source material for the book, it is about his chance encounter nine years earlier on June 15-16, 1994 with a Parisienne named Celine, and the memorable and romantic day and evening they spent together in Vienna.

At the end of their encounter at the Vienna train station, which is also how the book ends, they, not providing contact information to the other, vowed to meet each other again in exactly six months at that very spot. As the media scrum at the bookstore nears its conclusion, Jesse spots Celine in the crowd, she who only found out about the book when she earlier saw his photograph promoting this public appearance.

Much like their previous encounter, Jesse and Celine, who is now an environmental activist, decide to spend time together until he is supposed to catch his flight back to New York, this time only being about an hour. Beyond the issue of the six month meeting, what has happened in their lives in the intervening nine years, and their current lives, they once again talk about their philosophies of life and love, this time with the knowledge of their day together and how it shaped what has happened to them.

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Before Sunset
An Ocean Apart
Julie Delpy: Performer
Julie Delpy: Composer
Bach: Goldberg Variation Number 25
Johann Sebastian Bach: Composer
Igor Kipnis: Performer
A Waltz For A Night
Julie Delpy: Performer
Julie Delpy: Composer
Just In Time
Je T'aime Tant
Accordion Music

User reviews

Margaret Taylor

I found the soundtrack of Before Sunset to be lacking in emotional depth and connection to the story. The music felt generic and uninspired, failing to capture the complexity and intensity of the characters' feelings and experiences.

Carol Lewis

The use of minimalist instrumentation in the soundtrack reflects the simplicity and sincerity of Jesse and Celine's connection, allowing their dialogue to take center stage. The haunting vocals and melancholic strings evoke a sense of longing and missed opportunities, enhancing the poignancy of their fleeting reunion in the City of Light.

David Jackson

The music elegantly weaves through their conversations, adding a layer of nostalgia and poignancy to their interactions.

Donald Green

Each musical piece enhances the romantic atmosphere and strengthens the connection between the characters, making their fleeting hour together even more profound.

Margaret Moore

The soundtrack of Before Sunset perfectly captures the emotional depth and intimacy of Jesse and Celine's reunion in Paris.

Richard Evans

The soundtrack failed to enhance the intimate and profound moments between Jesse and Celine, instead, it felt like a mere background noise that did not add any value to the storytelling. The lack of memorable melodies or themes made the music forgettable and unengaging, leaving me with a sense of disappointment and missed opportunity to elevate the film's emotional impact.

Betty Davis

The soundtrack of Before Sunset is a beautiful accompaniment to the story of lost love, missed connections, and the power of second chances.

Carol Nelson

The soundtrack of Before Sunset perfectly captures the bittersweet nostalgia and emotional depth of Jesse and Celine's reunion in Paris. The subtle piano melodies and acoustic guitar arrangements create a dreamy atmosphere that complements the characters' introspective conversations about life and love.