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Tags: man portable air defense system, navy
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Tras la línea enemiga


Fighter navigator Chris Burnett wants out: he was looking for something more than the boring recon missions he's been flying. He finds himself flying the lone Christmas day mission over war-torn Bosnia. But when he talks pilot Stackhouse into flying slightly off-course to check out an interesting target, the two get shot down. Burnett is soon alone, trying to outrun a pursuing army, while commanding officer Reigert finds his rescue operation hamstrung by politics, forcing Burnett to run far out of his way.

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Behind Enemy Lines
What'd I Say
Ray Charles: Writer
Ray Charles: Performer
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Jingle Bells
Deck the Halls
Buck Rogers
The Wanderer
Public Enemy No. 1
That's All Right
Atom Bomb
The Rescue Blues