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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Black Milk

Title in Italiano:

Black Milk

Title in Português:

Black Milk


A young writer, who wastes his talent in a soap opera, mourns the end of his affair with the protagonist of the serial. He then gets entangled with an editor, while seducing his wife. A black surrealistic comedy, whose hero also has the ability to transfer himself in time-space. He finally transfers himself to his home town, earns a fortune in the casino and gets away, accompanied by a young whore he has fallen in love with.

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Black Milk
Tokyo Drifter
Hajime Kaburagi: Writer
Andiamo a mistre il grano
Vangelis: Writer
Forminx: Performer
Hawaii Five-O
One Way Ticket (To the Blues)
Syghora me pou fevgo
Esena pou se xero toso ligo
Daddy Cool
Geronimo Yanka
O anamartitos
Athlitiki Kyriaki
Ela pare mou ti lypi