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Rating: 5.30/10 from 22000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Cheque en blanco

Title in Português:

Cheque em Branco

Title in Français:

L'apprenti millionnaire

Title in Türk:

Açık Çek

Title in Deutsch:

Mac Millionär


12-year-old Preston Waters is tired of his pain-in-the-butt brothers and stingy parents. One day, rich, convicted money-launderer Carl Quigley nearly kills him in a parking lot and gives him a blank check by mistake. So he boots up his computer, makes out the check for $1 million, adopts the pseudonym "Mr. Macintosh", and gets spending. But Quigley wants his money back--it was supposed to be cashed by another man with a blank check and handed back to him. Can Preston keep up the facade? Will Quigley and his goons get their money back? And will Preston learn how valuable money really is?

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Blank Cheque
Money (That's What I Want)
Berry Gordy: Writer
Michael Sembello: Arrangement
I'll Wait
Taylor Dayne: Writer
Taylor Dayne: Performer
Fred Fairbrass: Writer
Right Said Fred: Performer
I Want Candy
Bob Feldman: Writer
Bow Wow Wow: Performer
Happy Birthday
Mildred J. Hill: Writer
Wild Obsession
L.A. Guns: Performer
Steve Diamond: Writer
Jeff Carruthers: Writer
Proud to be Loud
Marc Ferrari: Writer
Marc Ferrari: Performer

User reviews

Patricia Hill

The soundtrack of Blank Cheque perfectly captures the adventurous and mischievous spirit of the main character, Preston Waters, with upbeat and playful melodies that keep you engaged throughout the movie.

Emily Davis

The music in Blank Cheque strikes a balance between lightheartedness and tension, reflecting the comedic elements of the film while also building suspense during key moments of the plot.

Richard Roberts

I found the music choices in Blank Cheque to be out of place and distracting, often overshadowing key moments in the film rather than complementing them.

Dorothy Martin

The soundtrack of Blank Cheque perfectly captures the adventurous and mischievous spirit of the main character, Preston Waters. The upbeat and playful musical themes enhance the excitement of his spending spree with the blank check.

Timothy Allen

The use of different musical motifs to represent the different characters and situations in the film adds depth and dimension to the storytelling, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Edward Young

The soundtrack effectively conveys the sense of excitement and thrill that comes with Preston's newfound wealth, creating a sense of wonder and awe as he embarks on his spending spree.

Donald Evans

The music in Blank Cheque effectively sets the tone for the comedic and light-hearted moments throughout the film. It complements the quirky and humorous situations that Preston finds himself in, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the story.

David Evans

The soundtrack of Blank Cheque includes catchy tunes that stay with you long after watching the movie. The memorable melodies create a sense of nostalgia and fond memories of the film, making it a joy to revisit the soundtrack even outside of watching the movie.

Anthony Turner

The soundtrack of Blank Cheque felt uninspired and generic, lacking any memorable melodies or emotional depth to enhance the storyline.

Michelle Miller

Overall, the music in Blank Cheque complements the story and characters effectively, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the film and contributing to its nostalgic appeal for viewers of all ages.

Ashley Roberts

The incorporation of various musical styles and genres in the soundtrack adds variety and keeps the audience engaged, enhancing the overall entertainment value of the movie.

Robert Moore

The soundtrack features memorable themes and motifs that stick with you even after the movie has ended, creating a lasting impression and contributing to the film's overall charm.