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Bosom Buddies Soundtrack (1980) cover

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Rating: 6.80/10 from 4600 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Amigos del alma

Title in Italiano:


Title in Português:

Bosom Buddies

Title in Français:

Bosom Buddies

Title in Türk:

Bosom Buddies

Title in Deutsch:

Bosom Buddies


Bosom Buddies

Henry and Kip are two advertising designers who had a real problem with finding a place to live. At the beginning, the sole place they could afford was condemned, but they only found out when the wrecking ball was smashing up the place while they were sleeping. A female friend suggested they stay at her building, but the snag is that the place is for women only. In desperation, they assume the identities of the women Hildegard and Buffy in order to rent a room. Now as they pursue their dream of success in the ad business, they also struggle to keep their deception at the apartment building so they won't be evicted, but the beautiful neighbours they have are a constant temptation.

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Bosom Buddies
Cut Your Hair
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Don't Look Back In Anger
The Beat Goes On - Live At The Chez Club, Hollywood/1967
Everybody Knows
Sleep on the Left Side
Fade Into You
Waterfall - Remastered
Hypnotize - Radio Mix; 2014 Remaster
Novocaine For The Soul
Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)
Is It Any Wonder?
Gold Soundz
The Lady In Red
Brimful Of Asha - Norman Cook Remix Single Version

User reviews

Michelle White

The music enhances the nostalgic feel of the show, transporting the audience back to the 80s era.

Joshua Taylor

The soundtrack of Bosom Buddies failed to capture the essence of the show's comedic and light-hearted tone, leaving me feeling disconnected from the storyline.

Michael Harris

The theme song of Bosom Buddies is catchy and memorable, setting the perfect tone for each episode and staying with the viewers long after the show is over.

Lisa Jones

The soundtrack of Bosom Buddies perfectly captures the fun and lighthearted tone of the show, enhancing the comedic moments with upbeat and cheerful music.

Nancy Lopez

The background music used in the show effectively complements the comedic timing of the actors.

Edward Clark

I find myself humming along to the melodies even after the episode ends. The music of Bosom Buddies has definitely left a lasting impression on me and adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the show.

Timothy Nelson

The songs selected for specific scenes help to enhance the humor and drama of the storyline.

Karen Scott

The soundtrack of Bosom Buddies perfectly captures the fun and quirky vibe of the show. The upbeat and catchy tunes really set the tone for the comedic situations Henry and Kip find themselves in.

Mary Wilson

Overall, the music in Bosom Buddies adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the viewing experience and complements the on-screen antics of the characters.

Edward Young

I found the music choices to be distracting and at times overpowering, overshadowing the dialogue and character interactions, making it difficult to fully immerse myself in the series.

Deborah Walker

The soundtrack of Bosom Buddies is a delightful blend of musical styles that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the show, making it a truly immersive and entertaining experience.

John Hall

Each track in the soundtrack is so well-suited to the different scenes and moods of the show. From lighthearted moments to more intense situations, the music always enhances the viewing experience and keeps me engaged.

James Anderson

The catchy theme song of Bosom Buddies is memorable and sets the tone for each episode.

Lisa Clark

The soundtrack of Bosom Buddies perfectly captures the light-hearted and comedic tone of the series.

Matthew Lopez

The music in Bosom Buddies contributes to the overall charm and appeal of the show.

Amanda Roberts

The background music in the show is well-chosen, enhancing the emotional moments without overpowering the dialogue, creating a balanced and engaging viewing experience.

Joshua Allen

The soundtrack showcases the talents of the composers and musicians involved in creating the music for the series.

Betty Williams

The use of instrumental tracks in key moments adds depth and emotion to the storytelling.

Timothy Wilson

The use of different musical genres in the soundtrack adds depth to the storytelling, helping to set the mood for various scenes and highlighting the characters' personalities.

Charles Walker

The soundtrack features a variety of musical styles that suit the different moods and scenes of the series.