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Rating: 6.30/10 from 1500 votes
Tags: estranged, social parasite
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The Liverpool-based Boswell family are experts at exploiting the system to get by in life. Despite the fact that none of the Boswells are officially employed, they manage to live a fairly good life thanks to government handouts and various cash-in-hand jobs.

Family life for the Boswells centres around their God-fearing Catholic mother, Nellie. With her husband having left her for "a tart", she relies upon her eldest son Joey to play the father's role to her other three sons, Jack, Adrian and Billy, and her daughter Aveline.

Their ability to squeeze the DHSS dry while the boys earn a living on the side, is legendary. But although the family is the focus of their lives, they each have different reasons to be unhappy.

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David Mackay: Writer

User reviews

Michelle Walker

The repetitive use of generic, upbeat tunes in the soundtrack feels out of place and detracts from the gritty realism of the show. The music choices often feel mismatched with the tone of the scenes, resulting in a jarring and disconnected viewing experience.

Edward Lewis

The soundtrack of Bread fails to capture the essence of the characters' struggles and complexities. The music lacks emotional depth and fails to convey the depth of the family's hardships and challenges, making it difficult for viewers to fully connect with the story.

Daniel Jackson

The music sets the tone for the series, blending elements of traditional Irish and working-class British sounds to reflect the characters' struggles and triumphs.

Joseph Phillips

The use of traditional and contemporary sounds in the soundtrack creates a rich tapestry of musical textures that enhance the storytelling of Bread. The music not only sets the tone for the series but also transports the audience into the world of the Boswells, making their experiences feel vivid and relatable.

Deborah Roberts

The soundtrack of Bread perfectly captures the gritty yet resilient spirit of the Boswell family living in Liverpool.

Linda Parker

Each track in the soundtrack effectively conveys the deep bond and love within the Boswell family, especially the relationship between Nellie and her children. The emotional depth of the music adds a layer of authenticity to the characters and their interactions, making the audience feel truly connected to their story.

Matthew Lee

The emotional depth of the soundtrack enhances the storytelling, evoking empathy and connection with the Boswell family's daily challenges and moments of joy.

Ronald Martinez

The soundtrack of Bread truly captures the essence of the Liverpool-based Boswell family's daily struggles and triumphs. The music perfectly reflects the resilience and resourcefulness of the Boswells in navigating their challenging circumstances.

Jennifer Thomas

The soundtrack of Bread effectively conveys the resilience and resourcefulness of the Boswell family, blending elements of folk music and contemporary sounds to reflect their ability to make the most of their circumstances. The music enhances the emotional depth of the series, making it a memorable and engaging viewing experience.

Ashley Clark

The soundtrack of Bread perfectly captures the essence of working-class life in Liverpool, with its mix of traditional Irish tunes and upbeat pop songs. The music sets the tone for the Boswell family's struggles and triumphs, creating a nostalgic and authentic atmosphere.

Karen Jackson

The use of religious hymns in the soundtrack adds depth to the portrayal of Nellie Boswell's character and her strong faith. The music underscores the importance of family and tradition in the Boswell household, providing a poignant backdrop to their daily challenges and joys.