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Tags: penal system
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As Grades do Inferno

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Brubaker is a 1980 American prison drama film directed by Stuart Rosenberg. The film stars Robert Redford as the new warden of a corrupt Southern prison who attempts to clean up the system.

The story follows the character of Henry Brubaker, who goes undercover as a prisoner to expose the inhumane conditions and corruption within the prison. As he uncovers the truth, Brubaker faces resistance from both the inmates and the prison staff.

Brubaker sheds light on the harsh realities of the prison system and the challenges faced by those trying to bring about change. The film is a powerful portrayal of one man's fight for justice in a system rife with abuse and exploitation.

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All for the Love of Sunshine
Hank Williams Jr.: Performer
Mike Curb: Writer
Otis Redding: Writer
Morgan Freeman: Performer
Jimmy Webb: Writer
Glen Campbell: Performer

User reviews

James White

The musical score of Brubaker succeeds in creating an immersive experience for the viewer, enhancing the emotional impact of key moments in the story. The music effectively captures the tension and sense of urgency present throughout the film, drawing the audience deeper into the characters' struggles.

Thomas Hill

The soundtrack of Brubaker is a perfect complement to the intense and gripping atmosphere of the film. Each musical piece effectively captures the emotional depth of the characters and their struggles.

Mary Moore

The soundtrack of Brubaker complements the gritty atmosphere of the film, with its tense and suspenseful compositions adding depth to the narrative. The use of somber tones and haunting melodies effectively underscores the harsh realities depicted on screen.

Betty Parker

Overall, the soundtrack of Brubaker is a notable aspect of the film, enriching the viewing experience and contributing to the overall atmosphere of the story. The music serves as a powerful backdrop to the unfolding drama, highlighting the complexities of the prison system and the challenges faced by those seeking justice.

Nancy Martin

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack evoke a sense of tension and urgency, mirroring Brubaker's relentless pursuit of justice within the corrupt prison system.

John Garcia

The music enhances the storytelling by immersing the audience in the raw emotions and harsh realities depicted in the film, making it a truly memorable cinematic experience.