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Tags: kick boxer
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Bunohan: Return to Murder


Adil, a young Muay Thai kickboxer, has just run away from an honor fight to the death. Ilham, an assassin who is also Adil's brother, is promptly hired by the death match organizer to kill the fugitive. Looking for a place to hide and recuperate, Adil and a childhood friend take refuge in Bunohan's boxing club, where Adil started his career. Meanwhile, Ilham has never returned to Bunohan since the day he left many years ago. Upon returning, memories of loneliness and abandonment flood his mind, and he experiences waves of resentment and regret. Bakar, the third brother, has also returned from the city; Apparently a respectful school teacher, he is actually a greedy and ruthless person, and is trying to convince his father to sell a cemetery to a construction company.

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Bunohan: Return to Murder
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