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Rating: 6.40/10 from 4800 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Caótica Ana

Title in Italiano:

Il caos da Ana

Title in Português:

Chaotic Ana


The teenager artist Ana is raised in Ibiza by her German father Klaus in a naturalist lifestyle in a cave. One day, she meets a woman called Justine that invites Ana to move to Madrid, offering education and economical support, to live in an old house with other artists having classes of Arts and with the only commitment of studying. Ana befriends her mate Linda (Bebe) and falls in love for the problematic Said, having her first sexual experience with him. After a period together, Said leaves Ana, and then she is hypnotized by Anglo, discovering her past lives and deaths.

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Chaotic Ana
Agárrate a mí, María
Antonio Vega: Performer
Enrique Urquijo: Writer
Tiempo y silencio
Cesária Évora: Performer

User reviews

William Phillips

The haunting melodies and evocative tones enhance the emotional depth of the story, creating a truly mesmerizing cinematic experience. The music beautifully mirrors Ana's inner turmoil and self-discovery, adding another layer of depth to the narrative.

David Perez

The soundtrack of Chaotic Ana fails to capture the essence of the unique and intriguing storyline presented in the film.

Stephanie Moore

Overall, the soundtrack of Chaotic Ana is a masterpiece that elevates the film to new heights, making it a truly unforgettable and immersive cinematic experience.

Melissa Lopez

The music perfectly complements the film's exploration of identity, self-discovery, and love, adding depth and emotion to the narrative.

Charles Garcia

The overall composition lacks cohesion and fails to enhance the storytelling, resulting in a missed opportunity to elevate the viewing experience and create a more immersive atmosphere for the audience.

Donald Smith

The soundtrack of Chaotic Ana captures the mystical and bohemian atmosphere of the story, immersing the listener in the unconventional world of Ana and her artistic journey.

Michael Lewis

The haunting melodies and ethereal tones of the music enhance the dreamlike quality of the film, transporting the listener to a world where reality and fantasy blur together seamlessly.

Betty Hall

The use of different musical styles and instruments reflects the eclectic nature of Ana's character and her experiences, creating a rich and diverse auditory experience for the audience.

Nancy Brown

The soundtrack of Chaotic Ana perfectly captures the ethereal and mysterious essence of the film. Each track immerses the viewer in Ana's journey from the tranquil vibes of Ibiza to the vibrant energy of Madrid.

Kenneth Smith

Overall, the soundtrack of Chaotic Ana is a standout element of the film, enhancing the storytelling and bringing an additional layer of depth and complexity to Ana's journey of self-exploration and transformation.

Jennifer Green

The music choices feel disjointed and unconnected to the emotional depth of the characters and their experiences, leaving a sense of disconnect between the audience and the on-screen events.

Richard Thomas

The soundtrack effectively conveys the emotional rollercoaster that Ana goes through, from the highs of falling in love to the lows of heartbreak and self-discovery, resonating with the viewer on a personal level.