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Rating: 7.30/10 from 676 votes
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Chasing Classic Cars

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Chasing Classic Cars

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Chasing Classic Cars


Wayne Carini continues to please his viewers with his sincere and passionate love of classic cars on his show. Chasing Classic Cars is a great reality show with a valid story-line where the host seeks out repairs refurbishes and sometimes restores as needed to bring these classics to market. One of the many reasons that this show is so successful is Wayne Carini is dedicated to fair business practices and has an incredible knowledge of not only classic cars but rare exotic cars. Wayne Carrini was indoctrinated to the classic car business with his father "Bob Carini" who' specialty was restoration of classic cars including Duesenberg's, Ford, Packard's and Lincolns. "Reality Shows," that have substantially talented people always seem to be more successful than those where the producers are looking for shock value in foul language, low talent and tattoos which ultimately end up as being short lived. Chasing Classic Cars has done and will continue to do well on the Discovery Channel since 2008 because the show content is always original and "REAL!" The episodes are interesting, well thought out and always an honest representation of the problems and the outcomes of the vehicle adventure. The weekly stories where we see the sellers, the buyers, his staff and professional relations encountered are always entertaining to watch. This show is a great look into the story of some very interesting classic cars, their history, their owners and ultimate outcome.

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Chasing Classic Cars

User reviews

Nancy Taylor

Additionally, I believe that the repetitive use of the same tracks throughout the episodes becomes monotonous and tiresome. It would have been more engaging to have a more diverse selection of music that could better complement the different moments and themes portrayed in the show.

Donald Scott

I find the soundtrack of Chasing Classic Cars to be lacking in originality and creativity. The background music often feels generic and uninspired, failing to enhance the scenes or evoke any emotional response from the viewers.

Mary Williams

On the other hand, I believe that the soundtrack could be more diverse and dynamic to better reflect the different emotions and challenges faced by Wayne Carini and his team throughout each episode. A wider range of music styles and genres could help create a more engaging and immersive atmosphere for the viewers, making the show even more captivating.

Dorothy Taylor

The soundtrack of Chasing Classic Cars perfectly captures the essence of nostalgia and excitement that Wayne Carini brings to each episode. The music enhances the viewing experience and sets the tone for each classic car adventure.

Elizabeth Allen

The music selection in Chasing Classic Cars is diverse and well-crafted, adding an extra layer of emotion and excitement to the already captivating scenes of classic car restoration and market dealings.

Betty Lewis

The variety of songs chosen for the show is impeccable, ranging from upbeat tracks that match the thrill of discovering a hidden gem in a barn to more contemplative melodies that underscore the emotional connection between owners and their beloved vehicles.

Nancy Wright

I find the soundtrack of Chasing Classic Cars to be a perfect complement to the show's theme and tone. The music selection enhances the viewing experience and adds to the overall nostalgia and excitement of seeing these classic cars being restored and brought back to life.

Ashley Williams

Overall, the soundtrack of Chasing Classic Cars is a delightful addition to an already captivating show, adding depth and emotion to each classic car story.

Donna Campbell

The soundtrack of Chasing Classic Cars perfectly complements the nostalgic and thrilling atmosphere of the show, enhancing the viewing experience.