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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Bui doi Cho Lon

Title in Italiano:

Cho Lon

Title in Português:

Cho Lon


A man name Lam picks up his girlfriend, but it is revealed that his girlfriend is actually in a relationship with an evil gangster. The gangster is furious and hires a martial artist. Lam goes to his brother for his protection. Lam's brother and the gangster fight. After learning the truth about his girlfriend, Lam orders her to leave. However, the gangster finds his girlfriend again. guilty that he let his girlfriend go, Lam goes off to fight the gangster, but unsuccessfully leads in a trap. In the process, Lam's brother kills a member. it is revealed that the member is the martial artist's brother in law. Furious, the martial artist kills the brother. In revenge for his brother, Lam lays trap for the martial artist before confronting him. After a brutal fight, the martial artist beats Lam. the gangster arrives, and double stabs the martial artist by killing him. He then tells his girlfriend to kill Lam. However, the girl friend still loves Lam, and she tries attacking the gangster before the gangster kills her. Enraged, Lam finally kills the gangster, but is sent to prison for 10 years.

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