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Rating: 6.50/10 from 126000 votes
Tags: smuggling, action violence
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Son Vurgun


Chris Faraday once smuggled illegal items or contraband into the country on freighters. He left that life behind, got married, has a family and went legit. But when his brother-in-law got involved with Briggs, a drug dealer and when he blew a deal, Briggs demands restitution which he can't deliver.

So Chris offers to find a way to pay Briggs but then he threatens Chris' family if he doesn't deliver. So he gets on a freighter destined for Panama and he sets out to bring back some counterfeit currency. Briggs "goes to see" Chris' family. When Chris learns of this he asks his friend Sebastian to take care of them which he does. He tells Chris that it would be better to bring drugs instead of the cash.

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Don't Break the Needle
Do Whatcha Wanna
Philip Frazier: Writer
Have You Ever Loved a Woman
Billy Myles: Writer
The Satisfier
Gotta Have It
Kelvin Swaby: Writer
The Heavy: Performer
Congo Mambo
Daniel Indart: Writer
OK Sweetheart: Performer
Mambo De Los Numeros
Daniel Indart: Writer
Mama May I
Ryan Shaw: Writer
Ryan Shaw: Performer
Sittin' Here Thinkin'
John Lee Hooker: Writer
Canned Heat: Performer
Gente Goza El Son
Boom Boom
Encierra Su Piel
Neiver Alvarez: Writer
Don't Break the Needle
J. Roddy Walston: Performer
Sittin' Here Thinkin'
John Lee Hooker: Performer

User reviews

Carol Anderson

The use of electronic beats and pulsating rhythms in the soundtrack adds a modern and gritty feel to the scenes, enhancing the sense of danger and urgency that permeates the story. The music seamlessly blends with the action on screen, creating a truly immersive experience for the audience.

William Green

The haunting melodies and somber tones in certain tracks evoke a sense of emotional depth, adding a layer of complexity to the characters' motivations and dilemmas in the film.

Timothy Wright

The instrumental pieces showcase the skills of the composer in creating a dynamic and engaging musical score.

Ronald Roberts

The soundtrack effectively conveys the sense of danger and uncertainty that permeates the story.

Carol Martinez

The soundtrack of Contraband perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the film's thrilling plot. The music intensifies the high-stakes nature of Chris Faraday's predicament, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the movie.

Mary Walker

Overall, the music in Contraband is a powerful and integral part of the film, enhancing the viewing experience and adding depth to the storytelling.

Ronald Jones

The music sets the tone for the high-stakes situations that Chris Faraday finds himself in throughout the film.

Kimberly Smith

The soundtrack enhances the atmosphere of the movie and immerses the audience in the world of smuggling and crime.

David Thompson

The soundtrack of Contraband perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the smuggling underworld, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the film.

Amanda Clark

The haunting melodies in some tracks evoke the emotional turmoil that Chris experiences as he tries to protect his family.

Thomas Wilson

The use of electronic beats and pulsating rhythms in the soundtrack adds a sense of urgency and excitement to the action-packed scenes, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

Nancy Young

The fusion of different musical genres adds depth and complexity to the overall sound of the film.

Kimberly Adams

The soundtrack of Contraband perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the smuggling world portrayed in the movie.

Nancy Lewis

The choice of songs in the soundtrack felt disconnected from the plot and characters, failing to create an emotional connection with the audience. I felt that the music did not effectively build up the atmosphere or enhance the action sequences in the movie, ultimately falling flat and failing to leave a lasting impact.

Deborah Gonzalez

The use of electronic beats and pulsating rhythms enhances the action sequences and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Sarah Baker

The soundtrack of Contraband failed to capture the tension and suspense of the storyline. I found the music to be generic and uninspired, lacking any memorable themes or motifs that could enhance the viewing experience.