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Rating: 6.00/10 from 4800 votes
Tags: sexy dress, destroying a computer
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Papá o mamá


Daddy or Mommy is a French comedy film directed by Martin Bourboulon. The story revolves around a divorced couple, Florence and Vincent, who are both determined to win custody of their children. The judge decides to give the children a say in the matter, leading to a hilarious and chaotic battle between the parents as they try to win over their kids.

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Daddy or Mommy
Modern Love
David Bowie: Puis david bowie de 1983 feat. jules peclers, sacha, pascale salkin & debra reynolds, jérôme rebotier lyrics
David Bowie: Composer
Ready Step Go
Jérôme Rebotier: Jules peclers, sacha, pascale salkin & debra reynolds and jérôme rebotier
Papa ou maman
La discussion
Le chantier
La promotion
This Head I Hold
Danger Mouse: Writer
Le lycée
La déclaration de guerre
Jump Up
Le match
Un réveil douloureux
Les échecs
Le footing
Après l'amour
Le Feu
Wild True Love
Jérôme Rebotier: Composer
Debra Reynolds: (feat. jules peclers, sacha, pascale salkin & debra reynolds) lyrics

User reviews

Edward Hall

I found the soundtrack of Daddy or Mommy to be quite fitting for the comedic tone of the film. The music complemented the humorous situations and the chaotic battle between the parents in a lighthearted way. It added an extra layer of fun to the scenes and enhanced the overall viewing experience.

Joshua Smith

The use of different musical styles in the soundtrack of Daddy or Mommy is impressive. From playful melodies to more emotional tunes, the music effectively sets the tone for each scene and helps to convey the characters' feelings and motivations.

Michael Gonzalez

One of the highlights of the Daddy or Mommy soundtrack is how well it complements the dynamic relationship between Florence and Vincent. The music mirrors their ups and downs, creating a deeper connection with the audience and enhancing the emotional impact of their journey.

Dorothy Davis

The soundtrack of Daddy or Mommy perfectly captures the comedic and chaotic essence of the film. The upbeat and lively music enhances the humorous moments and adds to the overall enjoyment of the story.

Patricia Nelson

While the soundtrack of Daddy or Mommy was enjoyable and contributed to the film's entertainment value, I felt that it lacked depth and originality. The music served its purpose of enhancing the comedic elements, but it didn't leave a lasting impression or stand out as particularly memorable. It could have been more impactful and unique to make a stronger emotional connection with the audience.