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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

De Dick Maas Methode

Title in Italiano:

De Dick Maas Methode

Title in Português:

De Dick Maas Methode

Title in Français:

De Dick Maas Methode

Title in Türk:

De Dick Maas Methode

Title in Deutsch:

The Dick Maas Method


Dick Maas is one of the Netherlands' most successful directors. Who is the man behind Flodder, Amsterdamned, Prooi and De Lift really? Based on unique and never-before-seen images, the young filmmaker Jeffrey De Vore has managed to tell the story for the general public in the funny and revealing documentary De Dick Maas Methode. With unlimited budgets, non-Dutch stunts and special effects, Dick Maas has taken Dutch film to another level. Together with the famous director, leading filmmakers and actors, we look back on a unique and unprecedentedly successful period in Dutch film history.

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De Dick Maas Methode
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