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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Más allá de la locura

Title in Italiano:

Il gioco dell'illusione

Title in Português:

Deadly Delusion


Deadly Delusion

In a small town, a young woman named Sarah starts experiencing strange and terrifying hallucinations. She becomes convinced that someone is trying to harm her, but no one believes her. As the hallucinations become more intense, Sarah's grip on reality begins to slip.

Desperate for answers, Sarah turns to a local psychic for help. The psychic reveals that Sarah is being haunted by a vengeful spirit seeking revenge for a past wrong. As Sarah delves deeper into the mystery, she uncovers dark secrets that threaten to destroy her.

With time running out, Sarah must confront her own demons and unravel the truth before it's too late. But as she digs deeper, she realizes that the danger may be closer than she ever imagined.

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Deadly Delusion

User reviews

Nancy Allen

Additionally, the use of repetitive motifs throughout the soundtrack became distracting and monotonous, failing to effectively build up the psychological intensity of Sarah's hallucinations and inner turmoil. The lack of variety in the musical themes made the viewing experience less engaging and failed to immerse me fully in the story.

Dorothy Mitchell

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack perfectly capture the eerie and suspenseful atmosphere of Deadly Delusion.

Laura Lopez

The emotional depth conveyed through the music in Deadly Delusion effectively draws the viewer into Sarah's psychological struggle, making her experiences feel more real and relatable.

Stephanie Anderson

The use of subtle instrumentation in the soundtrack of Deadly Delusion adds layers of complexity to the storytelling, creating a sense of unease and mystery that keeps the audience on edge.

Andrew Baker

The musical motifs and themes used throughout Deadly Delusion help to establish a sense of continuity and coherence in the storytelling, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Jennifer Roberts

The soundtrack of Deadly Delusion perfectly captures the eerie and suspenseful atmosphere of the movie. The haunting melodies and ominous tones enhance the feeling of tension throughout the film.

David Hernandez

The soundtrack of Deadly Delusion skillfully builds tension and suspense, creating a palpable sense of dread that intensifies as the plot unfolds.

Michelle Scott

The use of haunting melodies and chilling tones in the soundtrack adds depth to the storyline, making the audience feel Sarah's paranoia and desperation as she struggles to uncover the truth behind the vengeful spirit haunting her. The music enhances the emotional impact of the plot, drawing the audience deeper into the mystery.

Sarah King

The music's ability to evoke a sense of dread and impending danger is masterfully executed, keeping viewers engaged and invested in Sarah's journey.

Stephanie Phillips

The haunting and eerie atmosphere created by the soundtrack perfectly captures the sense of suspense and tension in Deadly Delusion. Each track immerses you into Sarah's world of hallucinations and fear, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Linda Rodriguez

The composer's ability to evoke fear and suspense through the music is truly remarkable and adds a layer of complexity to the storytelling.

Karen Mitchell

The soundtrack seamlessly blends into the narrative, enhancing key moments and heightening the overall viewing experience.

George Walker

The blend of orchestral arrangements and electronic elements in the soundtrack of Deadly Delusion creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience that adds a unique flair to the movie's overall aesthetic.

Steven Jackson

The use of subtle piano notes and chilling strings creates a sense of unease that lingers long after watching the movie.

Laura Adams

The soundtrack of Deadly Delusion effectively conveys the psychological thriller elements of the film, creating a sense of unease and mystery that lingers long after the movie ends. The music is a crucial element in building tension and suspense, making it an essential component of the overall cinematic experience.

Karen Jones

The soundtrack of Deadly Delusion failed to create a sense of suspense and tension that is essential for a thriller movie. The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the emotional depth needed to enhance the eerie atmosphere of the film.

Emily Clark

The emotional depth conveyed through the music enhances the audience's connection to Sarah's character and her struggle with reality.

Joseph Lopez

The contrast between haunting melodies and intense crescendos reflects the inner turmoil of the protagonist as she battles her inner demons.

Nancy Hill

The use of atmospheric sounds and a haunting choir adds a supernatural element to the soundtrack, enhancing the supernatural themes of the movie.

Mary Young

The haunting vocals and ethereal sounds featured in the soundtrack of Deadly Delusion contribute to the overall sense of unease and foreboding, setting the mood for the unsettling events that take place in the movie.

Sarah Turner

The soundtrack of Deadly Delusion effectively complements the visual elements of the film, enhancing key moments and adding emotional depth to the characters' experiences.

Amanda Gonzalez

The music effectively builds tension and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the film.

Steven Wright

Overall, the soundtrack of Deadly Delusion is a standout element that enhances the film's storytelling and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.