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Rating: 6.20/10 from 31000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Asesinos de reemplazo

Title in Italiano:

Costretti ad uccidere

Title in Português:

Assassinos Substitutos


Hitman John Lee owes a debt to Mr. Wei, L.A.'s Chinatown drug-lord. When a Cop kills Wei's adult son during a drug bust, Wei orders a hit in revenge. Lee can't pull the trigger, and he knows Wei will punish him by going after Lee's mother and sister in Shanghai. To reach them fast, Lee needs a forged passport. He seeks out Meg Coburn, a forger. But Wei's men are already on Lee's trail, disrupting his visit to her. Lee and Coburn must fight them off, evade the cops, face replacement killers imported to shoot the cop's son, confront Wei, and get Lee onto a plane to China, passport in hand.

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The Replacement Killers
Keep Hope Alive
Ken Jordan: Writer
The Crystal Method: Performer
Talvin Singh: Writer
Talvin Singh: Performer
Makes Me Wanna Die
Tricky: Performer
Boom Boom Caw
Escape From The City Of Angels
Johns Theme
The Temple
He Means Business
Kill Or Be Replaced
We Have Visitors...
John Reflects
Surreal Shoot-Out
John Traps His Man
Race Against Time
The Heavies Arrive
Final Confrontation

User reviews

Kimberly Anderson

The music in The Replacement Killers effectively conveys the emotional depth of the characters, especially during moments of tension and conflict. The haunting melodies and powerful rhythms help to underscore the complex relationships and motivations driving the story forward.

Jennifer Jackson

The emotional depth conveyed through the orchestral pieces in the soundtrack enhances the character development and adds layers of complexity to the storytelling.

Ronald Martinez

The music effectively builds tension and creates a sense of urgency during key moments of the movie, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Sarah Wright

The use of traditional Chinese instruments in the score adds a unique and authentic touch to the soundtrack, immersing the audience in the film's Chinatown setting.

Lisa Phillips

Overall, the soundtrack of The Replacement Killers is a standout feature that elevates the film to new heights. The memorable themes and evocative compositions make it a joy to listen to even outside of the movie, showcasing the talent and creativity of the composers involved.

Joshua Wilson

The soundtrack of The Replacement Killers perfectly captures the intense and fast-paced nature of the film. The high-energy beats and suspenseful melodies enhance the action sequences and keep the audience engaged throughout.

Mary Roberts

The use of traditional Chinese instruments in the soundtrack adds an authentic and unique touch to the overall sound. It helps to set the tone and atmosphere for the scenes that take place in L.A.'s Chinatown, adding depth to the storytelling.

Nancy Gonzalez

The soundtrack of The Replacement Killers lacked depth and emotion, failing to enhance the intensity of the action scenes or create a sense of suspense throughout the film.

Kenneth Anderson

The music choices felt generic and uninspired, with repetitive beats and predictable melodies that did not add anything memorable to the overall viewing experience.

Lisa Hill

Overall, the soundtrack of The Replacement Killers felt like an afterthought, rather than a carefully crafted element that could have elevated the film to a higher level of engagement and immersion for the audience.

Andrew Gonzalez

The music choices in The Replacement Killers are diverse and well-selected, catering to different moods and moments in the plot. From heart-pounding action sequences to quieter, reflective moments, the soundtrack complements the narrative effectively.

John Davis

The dynamic and energetic beats in certain tracks complement the fast-paced nature of the film's action sequences, adding an extra layer of excitement to the on-screen events.

Karen Moore

Overall, the soundtrack of The Replacement Killers is a standout feature of the film, elevating the viewing experience and adding an additional layer of depth to the storytelling. The music enhances the visual elements and helps to create a cohesive and engaging cinematic experience.

Melissa Hernandez

The soundtrack of The Replacement Killers perfectly captures the intensity and suspense of the film's action-packed scenes, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Joseph Hall

The emotional depth of the music in certain scenes helps to convey the inner struggles and conflicts of the characters. The soundtrack effectively enhances the drama and tension present in the storyline, making it a memorable aspect of the film.

Deborah Clark

The soundtrack of The Replacement Killers perfectly captures the intense and fast-paced action scenes throughout the movie. The blend of electronic beats and traditional Chinese instrumentation creates a unique and engaging atmosphere that enhances the viewing experience.

Sarah Rodriguez

Overall, the soundtrack of The Replacement Killers showcases a diverse range of musical styles and influences, creating a rich and engaging auditory experience that complements the film's visuals seamlessly.