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Rating: 7.50/10 from 136000 votes
Tags: parish
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La duda

Title in Italiano:

Il dubbio

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It's 1964, St. Nicholas in the Bronx. A charismatic priest, Father Flynn, is trying to upend the school's strict customs, which have long been fiercely guarded by Sister Aloysius Beauvier, the iron-gloved Principal who believes in the power of fear-based discipline.

The winds of political change are sweeping through the community, and indeed, the school has just accepted its first black student, Donald Miller. But when Sister James, a hopeful innocent, shares with Sister Aloysius her guilt-inducing suspicion that Father Flynn is paying too much personal attention to Donald, Sister Aloysius sets off on a personal crusade to unearth the truth and to expunge Flynn from the school.

Now, without a shard of proof besides her moral certainty, Sister Aloysius locks into a battle of wills with Father Flynn which threatens to tear apart the community with irrevocable consequences.

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Reginella Campagnola
Eldo Di Lazzaro: Writer
Is It Me?
Joe Lervold: Writer
Joe Lervold: Performer
Blame It on the Bossa Nova
Barry Mann: Writer
Eydie Gormé: Performer
March for Russell
Steve Morrell: Writer
Steve Morrell: Performer
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Silent Night
Franz Xaver Gruber: Writer
Alan Ett: Arrangement
The First Noel
Simon Benson: Traditional arranged
Come, thou Redeemer of the Earth
David Willcocks: Traditional melody arranged
Main Title
Howard Shore: Performer
Howard Shore: Performer
Howard Shore: Performer
Be Alert
Howard Shore: Performer
I Am Concerned
Howard Shore: Performer
The Locker
Howard Shore: Performer
The Rose Garden
Howard Shore: Performer
Howard Shore: Performer
The Storm
Howard Shore: Performer
Sister James
Howard Shore: Performer
Howard Shore: Performer
Howard Shore: Performer
The Crow
Howard Shore: Performer
Howard Shore: Performer
Howard Shore: Performer
Mrs. Miller
Howard Shore: Performer
Howard Shore: Performer
Goodbye Sermon
Howard Shore: Performer
Howard Shore: Performer

User reviews

Edward Clark

The emotional resonance of the music in Doubt lingers long after the film has ended, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer's perception of the narrative.

Ronald Hall

The soundtrack's evocative compositions enhance the overall viewing experience and leave a lasting impact.

Lisa Green

The music in Doubt is a crucial element that enhances the storytelling and immerses the audience in the narrative's moral complexities.

Daniel Jackson

The use of subtle instrumentation adds depth to the character dynamics and their inner struggles.

Donna Harris

The music in Doubt effectively underscores the power dynamics at play between the characters, heightening the sense of unease and uncertainty throughout.

Joseph Wright

The Doubt soundtrack perfectly captures the tense and suspenseful atmosphere of the film.

Mark Turner

The recurring motifs in the soundtrack create a sense of continuity and thematic cohesion, drawing parallels between different scenes and story arcs.

George Martin

The soundtrack of Doubt skillfully mirrors the internal struggles of the characters, allowing the audience to connect with their conflicting motivations.

Michelle Hernandez

The soundtrack of Doubt felt disconnected from the setting and emotions of the film. The music did not enhance the tension or drama of the story, leaving me feeling underwhelmed and detached from the narrative.

Donna Johnson

The soundtrack effectively builds tension and keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

Elizabeth Brown

The music seamlessly transitions between moments of quiet contemplation and intense confrontation, emphasizing the emotional complexity of the narrative.

Michael Davis

The soundtrack of Doubt effectively captures the tension and suspense of the storyline, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the film.

Donald Clark

The score complements the film's themes of doubt, suspicion, and moral ambiguity.

Carol Young

I found the musical choices in Doubt to be repetitive and uninspired. The same motifs and themes seemed to be recycled throughout the film, failing to bring depth or complexity to the characters and their conflicts. It felt like a missed opportunity to elevate the storytelling through a more nuanced and engaging soundtrack.

Amanda Thompson

The incorporation of choir vocals creates a chilling and ethereal quality to certain scenes.

Deborah Harris

The haunting melodies in the background elevate the emotional intensity of the story.

Nancy Parker

Overall, the soundtrack of Doubt serves as a powerful storytelling tool, enhancing the themes of doubt, conviction, and moral certainty explored in the film.

Emily Nelson

The music enhances the sense of mystery and ambiguity surrounding the central conflict between the characters.

Patricia Evans

The musical motifs mirror the psychological warfare between Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn.

Brian Brown

The choice of instrumentation in the soundtrack complements the 1964 setting of the film, immersing viewers in the time period and cultural context.

Michelle Robinson

The use of subtle, haunting melodies in the soundtrack adds depth to the moral ambiguity of the characters and their actions.