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Tags: human dragon relationship
Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:


Title in Português:

DragonHeart: Coração de Dragão

Title in Français:

Cœur de dragon

Title in Türk:

Ejder yürek

Title in Deutsch:



The young, sickly King Einon was wounded in a battle. In order for him to survive, he is healed by Draco, a dragon.

Some years later, Bowen, a dragonslayer, encounters Draco. The two team up to form a travelling duo that perform an act, but the act is only known by themselves.

Bowen supposedly "slays" Draco and then collects a reward from the town or village that he protects by killing the dragon who had been "terrorizing" them.

From there, Bowen and Draco must save the entire kingdom from the rule of the now evil King Einon, who is part of Draco, and Draco a part of him.

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Romantic Flight
Play with Fire (feat. Yacht Money)
Top of the World
Dragon (feat. Skybourne)
What Are We Fighting For
Heroes of Today
Do My Own Thing
Infinite (Unsung Heroes) [feat. Joel Smallbone]

User reviews

Amanda Turner

The DragonHeart soundtrack is a standout example of how music can elevate a movie to new heights, creating a memorable and immersive cinematic experience for the audience.

Edward Martin

The soundtrack of DragonHeart perfectly captures the epic and magical atmosphere of the film. The orchestral arrangements are majestic and emotional, enhancing every scene with a sense of grandeur and adventure.

Daniel Miller

The main theme of the movie, featuring powerful brass and haunting melodies, stays with you long after the movie ends. It effectively conveys the bond between the characters and the struggles they face, adding depth and emotion to their journey.

Betty Campbell

The orchestration in the soundtrack is masterfully done, blending traditional medieval themes with modern symphonic elements to create a unique and captivating musical experience.

Steven Mitchell

The moments of triumph in the film are beautifully underscored by the uplifting and heroic themes in the soundtrack, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Daniel Taylor

The use of traditional instruments and orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack helps to transport the listener to the medieval world of the film, creating a rich and immersive listening experience.

Betty Carter

The musical score for DragonHeart lacks originality and innovation, relying on cliched orchestral arrangements that do little to enhance the overall viewing experience. The lack of memorable melodies and distinct motifs makes the soundtrack forgettable and unremarkable.

Laura Martinez

The soundtrack of DragonHeart captures the epic and fantastical elements of the story, enhancing the sense of adventure and magic throughout the film.

Timothy Smith

Overall, the DragonHeart soundtrack is a true masterpiece that deserves recognition for its contribution to the film's success and its ability to transport listeners to a world of magic, dragons, and heroism.

Mark Jackson

The music in DragonHeart often feels disconnected from the action on screen, failing to create a cohesive and immersive auditory experience for the audience. The soundtrack's inability to effectively convey the tension, drama, and emotion of key moments in the film detracts from the overall impact of the story.

John Williams

Overall, the music in DragonHeart complements the visuals and storytelling, elevating the movie to a higher level and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Edward Harris

The emotional depth of the soundtrack adds layers to the characters and their relationships, making the audience feel connected to their struggles and triumphs.

Michelle Green

The music immerses the audience into the medieval fantasy world of dragons and knights, creating a sense of wonder and adventure throughout the film.

Thomas Evans

The DragonHeart soundtrack perfectly captures the epic and magical essence of the film's story, enhancing every scene with its powerful melodies.

David Walker

The musical score effectively conveys the emotional depth of the characters, particularly the bond between Bowen and Draco, adding a layer of poignancy to their journey.

Thomas Davis

The soundtrack for DragonHeart fails to capture the emotional depth and complexity of the story's themes and characters. The music feels generic and lacks the grandeur and epic quality needed to complement the fantastical world of dragons and knights.

Robert Turner

The soundtrack's use of different musical motifs for each character adds complexity and depth to the storytelling, enriching the overall viewing experience.

Margaret Baker

The musical score perfectly complements the film's visual effects and action sequences, enhancing the intensity and excitement of each moment on screen.

Robert Thomas

Overall, the music in DragonHeart elevates the storytelling and brings an extra layer of enchantment to the already captivating world of dragons and heroes. It's a soundtrack that truly enhances the viewing experience and immerses you in the fantastical realm of the film.

Sarah Perez

The main theme of DragonHeart is both haunting and inspiring, staying with the audience long after the movie has ended and evoking a sense of nostalgia for the epic tale.