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Rating: 5.40/10 from 6800 votes
Tags: reston virginia
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Drone - Scegli il tuo nemico

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Drone is a thriller film that follows a military contractor who is targeted by a mysterious Pakistani businessman. The contractor, Neil, spends his days flying drones over the Middle East and his nights at home with his family in the suburbs. One day, a Pakistani businessman shows up at Neil's house claiming to know about a drone strike that killed a family in Pakistan. As Neil tries to uncover the truth behind the businessman's claims, he is forced to confront the moral implications of his job and the consequences of his actions.

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User reviews

Donna Carter

I found the choice of instruments in the soundtrack to be jarring and out of place. The music seemed to lack cohesion and failed to create a cohesive sonic landscape that would have complemented the themes of the movie. It distracted rather than immersed me in the narrative.

Anthony Miller

The juxtaposition of intense, pulsating rhythms with moments of eerie silence in the drone soundtrack mirrors the contrast between the high-stakes action of drone warfare and the quiet, domestic scenes in Neil's suburban life.

Patricia Adams

The drone soundtrack effectively captures the tension and suspense of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience by creating a sense of unease and uncertainty.

Nancy Baker

The repetitive nature of the musical motifs in Drone became tiresome and monotonous after a while. The lack of variety and originality in the soundtrack made it challenging to stay invested in the film, as the music failed to evolve or elevate key moments effectively.

Kimberly Rodriguez

The haunting melodies and somber tones in certain tracks of the drone soundtrack evoke a sense of melancholy and introspection, mirroring the internal struggles faced by the characters in the film.

Kimberly Miller

The soundtrack of Drone felt disconnected from the intense and suspenseful atmosphere of the film. The music did not effectively enhance the tension or emotional depth of the story, making it difficult to fully engage with the plot.

Robert Nelson

The use of haunting melodies and powerful rhythms in the soundtrack of Drone creates a sense of unease and reflection, enhancing the complex moral dilemmas faced by the main character. The music not only sets the tone for the film but also provides a deeper understanding of the internal struggles and conflicts experienced by Neil, the military contractor, making the overall viewing experience more engaging and thought-provoking.

Joshua Davis

Overall, the drone soundtrack effectively complements the themes of morality, accountability, and the blurred lines between right and wrong explored in the film, adding depth and emotional resonance to the storytelling.

Karen King

The soundtrack of Drone perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the thriller film. The music intensifies the dramatic scenes and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, adding depth and emotion to the storyline.

Richard Robinson

The use of subtle electronic beats and atmospheric sounds in the drone soundtrack helps to convey the isolation and detachment felt by the main character, Neil, as he grapples with the moral dilemmas of his job.