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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Sigo como Dios

Title in Italiano:

Un'impresa da Dio

Title in Português:

Evan, o Todo-Poderoso


Buffalo newsman Evan Baxter is elected to Congress with the slogan, "Change the world." He lucks into a huge house in a new Virginia suburb. His Capitol office is also fantastic, but there's a catch: he's tapped by the powerful Congressman Long to co-sponsor a bill to allow development in national parks. In steps God, who appears to a disbelieving Evan and gently commands him to build an ark. Tools and wood arrive in Evan's yard, animal pairs follow, his beard and hair grow wildly, nomad's clothes and a staff appear. Long grows impatient, Evan starts building, his family leaves him, reporters gather, and drought grips D.C. Still, Evan believes. But will he change the world?

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Evan Almighty
Ready for a Miracle
Waiting on the World to Change
Have You Ever Seen the Rain
This Land Is Your Land
Just Like Noah's Ark
Sharp Dressed Man
One Love
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)