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Rating: 5.90/10 from 37000 votes
Tags: cop turns criminal, crooked cops, reference to belize, reference to penthouse letter
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Hard Rain

Title in Italiano:

Pioggia infernale

Title in Português:

Águas Mortíferas

Title in Français:

Pluie d'enfer


In the small town of Huntingburg, the armored truck with three million dollars driven by Tom and his Uncle Charlie gets stuck in the flooding. They realize that the town has been evacuated since the dam does not have capacity to hold the storm. While waiting for the National Guard, they are attacked by Jim and his gang formed by Kenny, Mr. Mehlor and Ray and the clumsy Kenny kills Charlie. Tom flees with the bags of money and hides them in the cemetery. Then he is hunted down by Jim and his gang and he hides in a church.

Out of the blue, he is knocked out and awakes locked in a cell. Soon he learns that the restorer Karen believed he was a looter and hit him. Sheriff Mike Collins and Deputy Wayne Bryce go to investigate Tom's story while Officer Phil takes Karen out of the town by boat. However she escapes with the boat and goes to the church. Meanwhile Tom is trapped in the cell full of water and Karen rescues him. He decides to return to the armored truck to retrieve a shotgun but he is captured by Jim and his men and learns that Charlie was part of the gang.

He tries to retrieve the hidden money for the gang, but Sheriff Collins and his men have already taken it. Soon Tom learns that the Sheriff wants to keep the money for him and his men and Tom and Karen are witnesses and he teams up with Jim.

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Hard Rain
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It Makes Me Lonely Blue Mountain Breakdown
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User reviews

Donna Martinez

The soundtrack of Hard Rain really captures the tension and suspense of the film, enhancing the action-packed scenes.

Paul White

The use of different musical themes and motifs in the soundtrack helps to develop the characters and their emotions, adding depth and complexity to the storytelling.

Margaret Lewis

The musical score effectively sets the tone for each scene, creating a sense of urgency and excitement that keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie.

Mary Parker

Additionally, the incorporation of atmospheric soundscapes in the soundtrack adds depth and emotion to the storytelling. The haunting melodies and ethereal tones create a sense of foreboding and mystery, effectively setting the tone for the unfolding drama in the small town of Huntingburg.

Sarah Campbell

The soundtrack of Hard Rain perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the film's thrilling plot. The use of intense orchestral arrangements and dramatic percussion enhances every action-packed scene, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the movie.

Joseph Allen

The soundtrack of Hard Rain perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the film's thrilling plot, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Dorothy Martinez

The soundtrack does a great job of setting the mood for each scene, whether it's a moment of tension or a moment of quiet reflection.

George Brown

I found the use of instrumental pieces in the soundtrack particularly effective in conveying the emotions of the characters in key moments of the film.

Paul King

Overall, I believe the soundtrack of Hard Rain is a crucial element in bringing the story to life and immersing the audience in the world of the film.

Mark Smith

The music in Hard Rain helps to establish the film's unique atmosphere and enhances the overall viewing experience.

Michelle Jackson

The somber and melancholic tones in certain pieces create a sense of foreboding and danger, adding to the suspense of the plot.

Joshua Allen

The variety of musical styles and tones in the soundtrack keeps the audience engaged and adds layers to the storytelling.

James Wilson

The music perfectly complements the flooding and chaotic atmosphere of the small town of Huntingburg, adding depth to the storytelling.

Jennifer Rodriguez

The driving rhythms and intense melodies in some tracks help build up the excitement during the action sequences.