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EWE tells the story of a state, where monitoring and observation is part of everyday life. Every person is watcher as well as beeing watched, victim and offender at the same time - and everyone agrees with this kind of living. So does Nicolai, a successful journalist. For a long time he has forgotten about the cameras around him. Assiduously he is completing his watching-quota - until he takes a look behind the curtain of the holistic and democratic observation for the first time of his life... The movie tells the story through stills, beeing portent of cinematic motion - giving almost a glance of it without outbiding it. EWE designs in a documentary way a dark and yet ironic dystopia of a world where violation of privacy is a civic duty.

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This is a Miracle
Catalog Girls
My Kinda People
Party Go Boom (feat. Robyn Johnson)
Wham Bam
Beautiful Day
All Things (From "Queer Eye")
Get up to Get Down
Look at Me Now
All of the Way (feat. Solomon Ridge)
Follow Me
It Feels Good
Shake Ya Body
Summertime in the City
Show Me Where I Belong
Make Some Noize
Party All Night
Push Up the Beat