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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Dorothy Dandridge

Title in Italiano:

Vi presento Dorothy Dandridge

Title in Português:

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge


Introducing Dorothy Dandridge follows her career through early days on the club circuit with her sister to her turn in movies, including becoming the first black actress to win a Best Actress Nomination in 1954 for "Carmen Jones", to her final demise to prescription drugs, which was debated whether it was suicide or accidental.

Brent Spiner plays her faithful manager who stood beside her through all of the roller coaster of her career. The film also examines her love affair with director Otto Preminger, which is shown to have probably initially helped her career, but later probably led her to some wrong decisions.

The film also examines 50's racism as the black star is not permitted to use white bathrooms or the Vegas pool. In the first situation, she was given a bathroom cup to pee in. In the second situation, the hotel drained the pool and scrubbed it after she dared put her foot in the water.

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Face of an Angel
Your Red Wagon
Hep Hop
Chattanooga Choo Choo
Rent Party Blues
That's All
I Got Rhythm
Dat's Love
You Do Something To Me
That's All
Bill Elliott: Performer
Dat's Love
Sportsman's Mambo
Elmer Bernstein: Performer
Twelve Cylinders
Elmer Bernstein: Performer
You Do Something For Me
Elmer Bernstein: Performer
Zoot Suit For My Sunday Gal
Elmer Bernstein: Performer
First Telephone
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Try Again
Elmer Bernstein: Performer
No Song
Elmer Bernstein: Performer
Elmer Bernstein: Performer

User reviews

Robert Gonzalez

The use of music in Face of an Angel is not only a companion to the visuals but a powerful storytelling tool in its own right. The soundtrack elevates the film to a new level, leaving a lasting impact on the audience and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Patricia Hernandez

The soundtrack of Face of an Angel perfectly captures the emotional journey of Dorothy Dandridge, from her early days in the club circuit to the pinnacle of her career in Hollywood.

Dorothy Garcia

The soundtrack of Face of an Angel failed to capture the emotional depth and complexity of Dorothy Dandridge's life story. The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the soulful resonance needed to convey the struggles and triumphs of the legendary actress.

Michael Turner

The songs chosen for the film help to convey the complexity of Dorothy's relationships, particularly with her manager and director, adding depth to the storytelling.

Timothy Wilson

The use of repetitive and cliché musical motifs throughout the film's soundtrack became distracting and took away from the overall viewing experience. Instead of enhancing the storytelling, the music felt like a mere afterthought, failing to elevate the narrative to a more profound level.

Paul Taylor

The music evokes a sense of nostalgia and longing, mirroring Dorothy's inner turmoil and the external obstacles she faced in her career and personal life.

John Taylor

The use of jazz and blues elements in the music adds a layer of authenticity to the soundtrack, transporting the audience to the vibrant nightclub scene where Dorothy Dandridge began her career. The haunting melodies and soulful vocals resonate with the struggles and triumphs of her journey, creating a truly immersive listening experience that enhances the overall impact of the film.

Deborah Green

The soundtrack successfully conveys the era of the 50s and the challenges faced by black artists like Dorothy Dandridge, making the historical context palpable.

Michael Hill

Each track in the soundtrack is masterfully composed, evoking a range of emotions from hope and triumph to heartbreak and despair. The music enhances the storytelling of the film, immersing the audience in the struggles and triumphs of Dorothy Dandridge's life.

Brian King

Overall, the musical choices in the film contribute significantly to its emotional impact and help to convey the complexities of Dorothy Dandridge's journey in a compelling way.

Patricia Turner

The music reflects the highs and lows of Dorothy's life, especially her struggles with racism and the pressures of fame, in a poignant and moving way.

Thomas King

The soundtrack of Face of an Angel perfectly captures the emotional journey of Dorothy Dandridge, from her early struggles in the club circuit to her rise as a groundbreaking actress. The music beautifully reflects the highs and lows of her career, making the listener feel connected to her story on a deeper level.

Joshua Thomas

The use of music in key moments, such as the discrimination scenes, enhances the impact of the film and immerses the audience in the harsh realities of the time.

Mark Roberts

The soundtrack of Face of an Angel beautifully captures the emotional depth and complexity of Dorothy Dandridge's life story. Each track immerses the listener in the era of 1950s Hollywood, evoking a sense of nostalgia and glamour that perfectly complements the film's narrative.

Anthony Scott

The soundtrack of Face of an Angel succeeds in honoring Dorothy Dandridge's legacy and bringing her story to life through the power of music.

Dorothy Brown

The combination of original score and carefully selected songs creates a cohesive and engaging listening experience that complements the visuals of the film.