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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Rostros de la muerte III

Title in Italiano:

Faces of Death III

Title in Português:

Faces of Death III

Title in Français:

Face à la mort III

Title in Türk:

Face à la mort III

Title in Deutsch:

Face à la mort III


Faces of Death III is a controversial documentary film that showcases various real-life deaths and accidents caught on tape. The film is divided into different segments, each focusing on a different theme such as animal attacks, suicides, and executions.

The film opens with footage of a man being attacked by a lion in a circus, followed by scenes of a bullfight gone wrong and a deadly car crash. Viewers are then shown graphic images of suicides, including a man jumping off a building and another shooting himself in the head.

One of the most disturbing segments of Faces of Death III features footage of actual executions, including a public hanging and a firing squad. The film also includes scenes of animal cruelty, such as a dog being beaten to death and a bear being killed in a hunting expedition.

Despite its controversial nature, Faces of Death III has gained a cult following over the years and is often cited as one of the most shocking documentaries ever made.

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Faces of Death III
The Many Faces of Death
Gene Kauer: Writer
Gene Kauer: Performer

User reviews

Charles Taylor

The soundtrack of Faces of Death III showcases a diverse range of musical styles and tones, from ominous and foreboding melodies during scenes of violence and death, to melancholic and somber compositions during moments of reflection and contemplation. This variety in the music helps to convey the complex range of emotions evoked by the film's content, making it a truly immersive and unforgettable auditory experience.

John Campbell

I found the soundtrack of Faces of Death III to be incredibly unsettling and disturbing. The music choices seemed to amplify the gruesome and graphic nature of the footage, leaving me feeling uneasy and disturbed throughout the film.

Carol Perez

The musical choices in the documentary are bold and unconventional, perfectly matching the controversial and provocative nature of the subject matter.

Carol Harris

The soundtrack of Faces of Death III is haunting and stays with you long after watching the film, contributing to its lasting impact.

Steven Campbell

The musical score of Faces of Death III effectively captures the emotions of horror, shock, and disbelief that viewers may experience while witnessing the disturbing and tragic events documented in the film. The music adds an extra layer of depth to the already impactful visuals, making the viewing experience even more intense and memorable.

Paul Harris

The soundtrack of Faces of Death III creates a haunting atmosphere that perfectly complements the intense and graphic visuals depicted in the film. The use of eerie and suspenseful music enhances the tension and unease experienced while watching the various real-life incidents unfold.

Margaret Brown

The music enhances the shocking and graphic scenes shown in the film, adding to the overall impact on the audience.

Brian White

The soundtrack of Faces of Death III perfectly captures the eerie and unsettling atmosphere of the documentary.

Mark Carter

The use of intense and dramatic music during the scenes of real-life deaths and accidents felt exploitative and sensationalized, rather than adding any meaningful depth or context to the documentary. It felt like the soundtrack was trying to manipulate the viewer's emotions in a cheap and tasteless way.

William Carter

Overall, I found the soundtrack of Faces of Death III to be gratuitous and unnecessary, adding to the overall negative impact of the film rather than enhancing any legitimate storytelling or documentary value.

Nancy Lewis

The soundtrack of Faces of Death III adds an extra layer of emotional depth to the harrowing real-life events depicted in the film.

James Baker

The use of ominous tones and dissonant sounds in the soundtrack effectively intensifies the sense of dread and unease while watching the documentary.

Thomas Roberts

The music complements the raw and disturbing visuals in the documentary, creating a truly immersive viewing experience.