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Rating: 7.00/10 from 92000 votes
Tags: azazel
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:


Title in Italiano:

Il tocco del male

Title in Português:

A Queda


Det. John Hobbes is convinced that when killer Edgar Reese is executed, all of his troubles are over. But when people he knows and people on the street start to sing the same tune that Reese sang in the gas chamber, and those same people taunt him, he is told that maybe the cursed fallen angel Azazel is behind it all. Azazel is cursed to roam the Earth without a form, and he can switch bodies by any contact, making him hard to track. When Hobbes is forced to kill a man possessed by Azazel, he must clear his name while protecting his family and others from the evil, vengeful Azazel.

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Time Is On My Side
The Rolling Stones: Performer
Jerry Ragovoy: Writer
Andrew Loog Oldham: Produced
Sympathy For The Devil
Mick Jagger: Writer
The Rolling Stones: Performer
Robert Wait: Writer
Robert Wait: Performer
Where It's At
Beck: Writer
Beck: Performer
Who Is He And What Is He To You
Bill Withers: Writer
Meshell Ndegeocello: Performer
Excerpts from Nan Jing 1937
Dun Tan: Writer
Where It's At
Beck: Performer

User reviews

Thomas Rodriguez

The haunting melodies and eerie sounds in the soundtrack of Fallen skillfully mirror the sinister presence of the fallen angel Azazel, adding depth and complexity to the story. The music truly immerses you in the world of the film, creating a sense of unease and mystery that stays with you long after the movie ends.

Sarah Gonzalez

The orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack were beautifully crafted and added depth to the emotional moments in the film. The swell of the strings and brass instruments enhanced the drama of the storyline.

Kimberly Parker

The use of percussion in the soundtrack added a sense of urgency and tension to key moments in the movie. The rhythmic beats enhanced the suspense and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Melissa Wright

The use of eerie vocal chants and whispers adds a chilling layer of suspense to the music.

Sarah Mitchell

The soundtrack effectively builds tension during key suspenseful moments, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Steven Nelson

Overall, the soundtrack of Fallen was a standout element of the movie, enhancing the storytelling and immersing me into the world of the film with its evocative and atmospheric music.

Lisa Hernandez

The soundtrack seamlessly blends with the visuals, creating a cohesive audio-visual experience.

Sarah Davis

The soundtrack of Fallen perfectly captures the eerie and suspenseful atmosphere of the movie. The haunting melodies and sinister tones create a sense of unease that complements the plot.

Kimberly Robinson

The subtle use of electronic elements in the music adds a modern twist to the traditional orchestral score.

Edward King

The memorable main theme of Fallen lingers in the mind long after the movie has ended, leaving a lasting impression.

William Campbell

The orchestral arrangements create a sense of foreboding and tension throughout the film.

Kimberly Green

The emotional depth of the music enhances the character development and adds layers to the storytelling.

Kenneth Phillips

The evocative musical motifs help to convey the psychological struggle of the protagonist as he battles against the malevolent Azazel.

Donald Wright

I found the use of choir vocals in the soundtrack to be particularly effective in creating a sense of otherworldly presence. The ethereal voices added a layer of mystique to the overall sound.

James Lee

The incorporation of electronic elements in the soundtrack gave a modern twist to the overall sound. The blending of traditional orchestral music with electronic beats added a contemporary feel to the score.

Steven Robinson

The haunting and atmospheric soundtrack perfectly captures the dark and mysterious tone of Fallen.

Mark Thomas

The soundtrack of Fallen perfectly captures the suspense and tension of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Each track sets the mood and builds the atmosphere, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout.