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Rating: 6.10/10 from 3200 votes
Tags: mother murders daughter, cutting up a dead body
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Far North

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Far North

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Norte Hostil


Far North is a novel written by Marcel Theroux that tells the story of Makepeace, a young woman who lives in a post-apocalyptic world in the far north of Canada. Makepeace is the last survivor of her family and has been raised by a mysterious man named Magid. Together, they live in a remote cabin and struggle to survive in a harsh and unforgiving landscape.

As Makepeace grows older, she becomes curious about the world beyond her isolated existence. When a stranger arrives at their cabin, Makepeace's world is turned upside down. She is forced to confront her past and make difficult decisions about her future.

Far North is a gripping tale of survival, love, and betrayal set against the backdrop of a frozen wilderness. It explores themes of isolation, identity, and the lengths people will go to in order to protect those they care about.

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Far North
Welcome Home
All the Debts I Owe
Round And Round
Meet Me in the Woods
Until the Night Turns
Stubborn Love
Autumn Town Leaves
Holdin' Out
Skinny Love
The Cave
Guiding Light
The Man Who Lives Forever
Wild Life
She Lit a Fire
Lost in My Mind
Ho Hey
Life in Technicolor
Soldier, Poet, King
Mind Over Matter (Reprise)
Sleep On The Floor
the last great american dynasty
Willow Tree March
Another Story
Flowers in Your Hair
Fool for Love
Ends of the Earth
Dirty Paws
Bloom - Bonus Track
Rivers and Roads
Hello My Old Heart
All the Pretty Girls
Fire and the Flood
The Stable Song
Home - 2019 - Remaster
The Queen of Hearts

User reviews

Jennifer Anderson

The emotional depth of the soundtrack helps to convey the complex inner world of the characters, particularly Makepeace, as she grapples with her identity, her past, and the difficult choices she must make to survive.

Kenneth Lee

The soundtrack of Far North perfectly captures the desolate and haunting atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world depicted in the novel. The melancholic melodies evoke a sense of loneliness and isolation that mirrors Makepeace's own emotional journey.

Richard White

The use of traditional Inuit throat singing in some of the tracks adds an authentic and cultural depth to the soundtrack, enhancing the immersive experience of the story's setting in the far north of Canada.

Melissa Mitchell

The orchestration and arrangements in the soundtrack are masterfully done, showcasing a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that elevates the overall listening experience.

Laura Martin

The use of traditional Inuit instruments in the music adds an authentic and unique touch to the soundtrack, enhancing the overall sense of place and culture.

Lisa Campbell

The Far North soundtrack is a standout example of how music can enhance and elevate the narrative of a story, immersing the audience in a rich and evocative world that lingers long after the final notes fade away.

Amanda Walker

The seamless blend of atmospheric soundscapes and poignant melodies in the soundtrack creates a compelling and evocative auditory journey that mirrors Makepeace's emotional and psychological struggles.

Margaret Walker

Overall, the soundtrack of Far North is a powerful and evocative complement to the novel, enhancing the storytelling and immersing the listener in the frozen wilderness where Makepeace's story unfolds.

Anthony Garcia

The haunting melodies in the Far North soundtrack perfectly capture the desolate and unforgiving atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world portrayed in the novel.

Karen Wright

The soundtrack of Far North perfectly captures the haunting and desolate atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world portrayed in the novel. Each track immerses the listener in the harsh and unforgiving landscape of the far north of Canada, evoking a sense of isolation and survival.

Edward Nelson

The emotional depth conveyed through the music resonates with the themes of survival, love, and betrayal explored in the novel, creating a truly immersive experience for the listener.

Steven Clark

The music in Far North lacked originality and failed to create a memorable atmosphere, making it difficult to immerse myself fully in the post-apocalyptic world of the story.

Thomas Scott

The music beautifully conveys the emotional journey of Makepeace, the protagonist, as she navigates through themes of love, betrayal, and self-discovery. The soundtrack enhances the storytelling, adding depth and richness to the narrative, making the experience of reading Far North even more immersive and impactful.

Jennifer Carter

The dynamic range of the music, from somber and reflective to intense and dramatic, enhances the storytelling and keeps the listener engaged throughout the entire soundtrack.

Nancy Evans

The instrumental arrangements in the soundtrack create a sense of tension and suspense, mirroring the challenges and dangers that Makepeace faces as she navigates her harsh environment and confronts her past.

George White

The musical motifs in the Far North soundtrack effectively mirror the character development and narrative arc of Makepeace, adding layers of complexity and depth to the storytelling.

James Robinson

The soundtrack of Far North felt disconnected from the emotional depth of the story, failing to capture the essence of the characters and the harsh environment they inhabit.