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Rating: 9.00/10 from 33000 votes
Tags: northwest territories
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Planeta helado

Title in Italiano:

Frozen Planet

Title in Português:

Frozen Planet


Frozen Planet is a documentary series that takes viewers on a journey to the polar regions of our planet, showcasing the incredible beauty and harsh conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The series explores the unique wildlife that thrives in these frozen landscapes, from polar bears and penguins to seals and whales. Viewers will witness the challenges these animals face in their quest for survival in some of the most extreme environments on Earth.

Frozen Planet also delves into the impact of climate change on these regions, highlighting the rapid changes occurring in the Arctic and Antarctic due to global warming. Through stunning cinematography and expert narration, the series educates viewers on the importance of preserving these fragile ecosystems for future generations.

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Frozen Planet
Planet Earth II Suite
The Blue Planet
Seven Worlds One Planet Suite
Dynasties Opening Titles
Frozen Planet Opening Titles
The Sloth
Home to Dragons
Albatross Dance
Racer Snakes vs Iguanas
Chinstrap Penguins
Life In the Canopy
Jungle Weather
World of Bioluminescence
Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise
Monsoon Deserts/Canyonlands
Wild Horses
Early Morning Fog
Roof of the World
Peaks of North America
The Himalayas
Ice Skating Flamingos
Dancing Bears
Tenatious Bobcat
Garden of Ice
Snow Leopards
Savage Beauty
The Great Migration
Market Thieves
City Skylines
We Are the Designers
Family Theme
Abyssal Plain
Mobula Rays
Albatross Flight
Big Blue
A Forest Awakens
Scavengers of the Deep
Weedy Sea Dragon
Portuguese Man of War
Walrus: The Right Piece of Ice
European Macaques
Northern Lights
The House of Gods (Angel Falls)
South Georgia Whaling Station
A Monumental Feat
Great Dusky Swifts
Albatross Facing Extinction
Australian Cassowary
Cheetahs of Kenya
Offspring / Come To His Side
Find The Strength
Dissent in the Ranks - The Long Grass
Not Willing to Accept
A New Landscape
The North Pole
George Fenton: Performer
Rapid Change
George Fenton: Performer
Sufing Penguins
George Fenton: Performer
Antarctic Mystery
George Fenton: Performer
Flying South
George Fenton: Performer
George Fenton: Performer
McKenzie River
George Fenton: Performer
Cubs First Hunt
George Fenton: Performer
George Fenton: Performer
Elephant Seal Duel
George Fenton: Performer
Returning Seabirds / Albatross Love
George Fenton: Performer
Ice Sculptures
George Fenton: Performer
Leaping Penguins
George Fenton: Performer
George Fenton: Performer
Seal Ballet / Arrival Of The Humpbacks
George Fenton: Performer
Lazy Bear
George Fenton: Performer
George Fenton: Performer
George Fenton: Performer
Competing For The Girl
George Fenton: Performer
The Long March
George Fenton: Performer
George Fenton: Performer
George Fenton: Performer
George Fenton: Performer
Winter Sets In
George Fenton: Performer
Battle Of Wills
George Fenton: Performer
Emperors Return
George Fenton: Performer
Greenland Patrol
George Fenton: Performer
Minus Forty
George Fenton: Performer
Following The Herd
George Fenton: Performer
Walrus Kill
George Fenton: Performer
Scott's Legacy
George Fenton: Performer

User reviews

Donald Allen

The soundtrack of Frozen Planet perfectly captures the majestic beauty and harshness of the polar regions, enhancing the viewing experience with its emotional and captivating melodies.

Mary Walker

The music effectively conveys the harsh and unforgiving conditions faced by the wildlife in the Arctic and Antarctic, adding depth and emotion to their struggles for survival in a changing world.

Charles Martin

The soundtrack of Frozen Planet perfectly captures the majesty and grandeur of the polar regions, enhancing the viewing experience with its sweeping orchestral compositions and evocative melodies.

Andrew Johnson

Each track evokes a sense of wonder and awe, transporting me to the frozen landscapes and allowing me to truly immerse myself in the world of polar wildlife and their struggles for survival.

John Hernandez

The soundtrack of Frozen Planet perfectly captures the majestic and otherworldly beauty of the polar regions, enhancing the viewing experience with its emotive and atmospheric melodies.

Mary White

The lack of diversity in musical styles and themes throughout the soundtrack of Frozen Planet made it monotonous and repetitive. The same melodies and orchestration were used repeatedly, leading to a sense of predictability and boredom for the audience.

Timothy Lee

The music not only complements the stunning cinematography of the series but also adds depth and emotional resonance to the important messages about climate change and environmental conservation conveyed throughout the episodes.

Matthew Lee

Overall, the soundtrack of Frozen Planet complements the stunning cinematography and compelling storytelling of the series, creating a cohesive and immersive viewing experience for audiences of all ages.

Patricia Hill

The music in Frozen Planet effectively underscores the urgent message of conservation and environmental awareness, serving as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance of nature and the need to protect our planet's most vulnerable ecosystems for future generations.

Karen Davis

The soundtrack of Frozen Planet did not effectively convey the urgency and gravity of the message regarding climate change and its impact on the polar regions. The music failed to evoke a sense of environmental activism or inspire viewers to take action, missing a crucial opportunity to leverage the emotional power of music in delivering such an important message.

Andrew Jackson

The soundtrack of Frozen Planet failed to capture the emotional depth and grandeur of the polar landscapes portrayed in the documentary series. The music lacked originality and felt generic, failing to enhance the viewing experience.

Emily Hall

Each track in the soundtrack of Frozen Planet skillfully evokes the harsh yet captivating conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic, immersing the audience in the struggles and triumphs of the wildlife that call these frozen landscapes home.