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Rating: 6.40/10 from 1000 votes
Tags: real estate office
Alternate Names:
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Title in Italiano:

Nicht meine Schuld

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Nicht meine Schuld



Having been fired from her old job as a real estate agent, 40 years old Constance faces severe pecuniary issues : she cannot rent a flat anymore and she doesn't find another job in Paris. With no other option left, she decides to call her former boss, from the small agency in La Rochelle where she started her career : to her surprise, he tells her that he is actually hiring, as the housing market appears to be growing in the area. He explains that he already found someone, but she is convinced she will get the job because of her experience and extensive qualifications. She does not : it is indeed Audrey, a younger and prettier woman, which is hired instead. This is too much for Constance to take...

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User reviews

Carol Allen

During pivotal moments of the film, the music swells with intensity, reflecting Constance's inner turmoil and frustration. The dynamic range of the soundtrack enhances the emotional impact of key scenes, immersing us in Constance's journey and evoking a strong emotional response.

William Young

The soundtrack of Faultless perfectly captures the emotional journey of Constance, from her initial struggles to her ultimate breaking point. The music effectively conveys her feelings of desperation and disappointment as she faces financial difficulties and professional setbacks.

Steven Gonzalez

The use of subtle piano compositions and delicate string arrangements in the soundtrack of Faultless adds a layer of depth and complexity to the narrative, enhancing the emotional impact of Constance's journey. The music beautifully underscores the themes of resilience, determination, and ultimately, self-discovery, making it a truly moving and unforgettable listening experience.

Mary Taylor

Overall, the soundtrack of Faultless is a powerful storytelling tool that enhances the film's narrative and character development. The music effectively conveys Constance's struggles and emotions, making her journey feel authentic and relatable to the audience.

Edward Campbell

The use of melancholic melodies in certain scenes adds depth to Constance's character, highlighting her vulnerability and sense of loss. The soundtrack creates a somber atmosphere that resonates with the audience, drawing us into Constance's world and making us empathize with her struggles.

David Wright

The soundtrack of Faultless perfectly captures the emotional turmoil and struggles of Constance as she faces unemployment and financial difficulties. The melancholic melodies and haunting vocals evoke a sense of desperation and hopelessness, immersing the audience in Constance's inner turmoil.