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Rating: 8.40/10 from 30000 votes
Tags: swedish criminal
Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

The Killing

Title in Français:

The Killing

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Title in Deutsch:

The Killing


A young girl's brutal murder launches an extended police investigation just when Detective Sarah Lund is supposed to leave for a new life in Sweden, and she can't leave the case behind.

The girl's parents and friends struggle to cope with their loss.

Troels Hartmann is campaigning to be mayor of Copenhagen, but struggles when links are revealed between City Hall and the murder.

Over a 20-day time-span, suspect upon suspect is sought out as violence and political pressures cast their shadows over the hunt for the killer.

Two more seasons follow, about a series of killings of soldiers and the abduction of an industrial magnate's daughter.

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America The Beautiful
Green Onions - 45 Version
Finger Poppin' Time
Smokie, Pt. 2
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)
This Magic Moment

User reviews

Lisa Davis

The soundtrack of Forbrydelsen felt repetitive and uninspired, failing to capture the tension and emotional depth of the series. The same motifs and musical cues were used throughout, making it feel monotonous and lacking in originality.

Susan Young

The soundtrack of Forbrydelsen perfectly captures the intense and suspenseful atmosphere of the series. The haunting melodies and dark tones enhance the emotional impact of the storyline, keeping viewers engaged and on the edge of their seats.

James Johnson

The recurring motifs in the music help to establish a sense of continuity throughout the episodes, tying together the various storylines and character arcs in a cohesive and impactful way.

Paul Jackson

The soundtrack of Forbrydelsen perfectly captures the intensity and suspense of the series. Each track immerses you in the dark and gritty atmosphere of the murder investigation, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Kimberly King

Overall, the music of Forbrydelsen is a vital component of the series, enhancing the viewing experience and immersing the audience in the dark and intricate world of the show.

Paul Jackson

I found the music in Forbrydelsen to be distracting at times, overpowering the dialogue and scenes instead of enhancing them. The lack of subtlety in the soundtrack took away from the suspense and drama of the show, making it difficult to fully immerse myself in the story.

Stephanie Smith

The music effectively reflects the inner turmoil of Detective Sarah Lund as she grapples with the case while also trying to move on with her life. The somber tones mirror her internal conflict and dedication to solving the crime.

Charles Carter

The use of subtle and eerie soundscapes in the background enhances the emotional impact of the scenes, particularly those involving the young girl's murder and the struggles of her parents and friends.

Laura Lopez

The haunting melodies and eerie soundscapes enhance the emotional depth of the storyline, adding an extra layer of complexity to the characters' struggles and the unfolding mysteries. The music truly elevates the viewing experience, making every moment more impactful and memorable.

Richard Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Forbrydelsen perfectly captures the dark and suspenseful atmosphere of the series. The haunting melodies create a sense of tension and mystery that keeps the audience engaged.

Thomas Hill

The soundtrack's integration of different musical styles and instruments adds depth to the storytelling, creating a rich tapestry of sound that complements the complex narrative of the series.

David Garcia

Furthermore, the musical choices in Forbrydelsen effectively convey the complex emotions of the characters, from the grieving parents to the determined detectives. The use of subtle cues and motifs adds depth to the narrative, creating a rich and immersive viewing experience that stays with you long after the episode ends.