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Garden Party

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Garden Party

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Garden Party


Are you young, sexually confused, just trying to get by? Do you sing, dance or possess some other talent? Welcome to the Garden Party.

At the center of the story is 15-year-old April. She is running from one bad situation into another, hoping to find an answer that doesn't involve taking off her clothes. As April navigates Los Angeles, she falls in with a group of confused kids struggling to chase their dreams.

The black widow at the center of this web is a sexy, pot-dealing realtor named Sally St. Clair. Anyone who gets too close falls victim to her kinky entanglements. For some it goes bad, for other worse.

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Garden Party
Victory Marks
Erik Smith: Performer
Erik Smith: Writer
Katelyn Tarver: Performer
Garden Party
Ricky Nelson: Writer
Erik Smith: Performer
Birds Fly (Whisper To Scream)
Ian McNabb: Writer
Travelin' Man
When You Love Somebody
To Let Myself Go
It's Alright
I Close My Eyes
How Can I Apply
That's the Way We Get By
Not For All the Love in the World
Travelin' Man
Jerry Fuller: Performer
My Heart
Tom Mgrdichian: Performer
It's Alright
Todd Park Mohr: Performer
That's the Way We Get By
Spoon: Performer
Flaunt It
Grant Smillie: Performer

User reviews

Elizabeth Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Garden Party is a vibrant and eclectic mix of music that perfectly captures the essence of youth and self-discovery.

Robert Taylor

Each song in the soundtrack effortlessly sets the tone for the scenes, enhancing the emotional depth of the characters and their journey through the complexities of adolescence.

Lisa King

The choice of music in Garden Party often felt forced and contrived, failing to create a genuine connection with the characters or the storyline. It felt like the songs were randomly selected without much thought to how they would complement the narrative.

William Roberts

The soundtrack of Garden Party perfectly captures the youthful energy and emotional turmoil of the characters.

Brian Wilson

The music sets the tone for the film, immersing the audience in the chaotic and dreamlike world of Los Angeles.

Donna Green

The music choices are diverse, ranging from upbeat indie pop to introspective acoustic melodies, creating a dynamic and immersive listening experience that resonates long after the film is over.

Mark Young

The way the soundtrack seamlessly blends different musical genres, from indie rock to electronic beats, creates a dynamic and immersive listening experience that keeps you engaged throughout the film.

Brian Smith

Overall, the soundtrack of Garden Party is a standout element of the film, elevating the storytelling and connecting the audience on a deeper emotional level.

Steven Hernandez

The emotional depth of the lyrics in the songs resonates with the complex inner lives of the characters, making their journey more relatable to the audience.

Timothy Scott

The music choices in the film help create a rich atmosphere that immerses the viewer in the characters' world, making their experiences feel more real and poignant.

Timothy Brown

The soundtrack of Garden Party failed to capture the essence of the characters' struggles and emotions. The music choices did not resonate with the audience, leaving a sense of disconnect and indifference towards the story being told.

Laura Parker

Each song in the soundtrack seems carefully chosen to enhance the mood of the scenes, adding depth to the characters' experiences.

Margaret Anderson

Overall, the soundtrack of Garden Party is a standout feature that elevates the storytelling and adds a layer of depth and authenticity to the characters' experiences.

Emily Brown

The soundtrack of Garden Party not only complements the visuals but also serves as a powerful storytelling tool, enhancing the narrative.

David Thompson

Each song in the soundtrack feels like a character in itself, adding depth and emotion to the scenes. The music selection is diverse and eclectic, reflecting the diversity of the characters and their struggles.

Michelle Thomas

The eclectic mix of genres in the soundtrack reflects the diverse personalities and struggles of the characters in the film.

John Hernandez

The music in Garden Party effectively conveys the sense of longing and desperation felt by the young protagonists as they navigate through uncertain times.

Steven Evans

The soundtrack of Garden Party perfectly captures the youthful and rebellious spirit of the characters, enhancing the storyline with its energetic and edgy vibes.

Carol Parker

The soundtrack of Garden Party felt disjointed and lacking a cohesive theme throughout the movie. The songs seemed out of place and failed to enhance the emotional depth of the scenes.