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Gremlins - O Pequeno Monstro



Minature green monsters tear through the small town of Kingston Falls. Hijinks ensue as a mild-mannered bank teller releases these hideous loonies after gaining a new pet and violating two of three simple rules: No water (violated), no food after midnight (violated), and no bright light. Hilarious mayhem and destruction in a town straight out of Norman Rockwell. So, when your washing machine blows up or your TV goes on the fritz, before you call the repair man, turn on all the lights and look under all the beds. 'Cause you never can tell, there just might be a gremlin in your house.

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Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Jeff Barry: Writer
Phil Spector: Produced
Darlene Love: Performer
Make it Shine
John Boylan: Produced
Quarterflash: Performer
Marv Ross: Writer
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Johnny Mathis: Performer
Noel Regney: Writer
Out Out
Nile Rodgers: Co-produced
Peter Gabriel: Writer
Michael Sembello: Performer
Michael Sembello: Produced
Frank Churchill: Performer
Larry Morey: Lyrics
Roy Atwell: Sung
The Gremlin Rag
Jerry Goldsmith: Writer
Little Drummer Boy
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937): Performer

User reviews

Matthew King

I found the musical compositions in Gremlins to be repetitive and uninspiring. There was a lack of variety in the melodies, making it difficult to distinguish one scene from another based on the soundtrack alone. This monotony made the viewing experience less engaging and failed to create a lasting impression.

Melissa Martin

The soundtrack of Gremlins felt outdated and lacked the energy needed to match the intensity of the movie's scenes. The music did not enhance the suspense or thrill of the storyline, leaving me feeling disconnected from the on-screen action.

Margaret Hernandez

The diversity of musical styles in the soundtrack of Gremlins is impressive. From festive holiday tunes to dark and menacing compositions, the range of emotions evoked by the music adds depth and richness to the film's narrative.

Elizabeth Robinson

The musical score of Gremlins is incredibly versatile, seamlessly transitioning between eerie and lighthearted melodies. It adds depth and emotion to key scenes, elevating the overall viewing experience.

Robert Hill

The soundtrack seamlessly blends traditional orchestral elements with quirky and unconventional sounds, creating a unique auditory experience.

Thomas Rodriguez

The Gremlins soundtrack effectively builds tension and suspense during key moments, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Charles Jones

The memorable main theme of Gremlins is instantly recognizable and sets the tone for the entire film.

Anthony Garcia

The use of sound effects and musical cues in the soundtrack adds an extra layer of authenticity and immersion to the Gremlins universe.

Elizabeth Walker

The memorable theme song of Gremlins is catchy and iconic, instantly recognizable to fans of the film. It's a testament to the skill of the composer in creating a soundtrack that stays with you long after the movie ends.

Kimberly Jones

The use of playful and eerie musical motifs in the soundtrack adds depth to the characters and the unfolding chaos in Kingston Falls.

Matthew Mitchell

The soundtrack of Gremlins perfectly captures the whimsical and mischievous tone of the film. The use of playful melodies and quirky instrumentation adds to the overall charm of the movie.

Susan Hall

The soundtrack features a good balance of lighthearted and dark compositions, reflecting the film's blend of comedy and horror.

Laura Mitchell

The sound mixing of the Gremlins soundtrack was subpar, with certain instruments overpowering the dialogue and ambient sounds in crucial moments of the film. This imbalance disrupted the immersion in the movie, causing frustration as I struggled to follow the plot amidst the overpowering music.

George Mitchell

The Gremlins soundtrack perfectly captures the whimsical and mischievous tone of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Mary Hernandez

The variety of musical styles and instruments used in the score showcase the versatility and creativity of the composer.

William Gonzalez

I appreciate the way the music enhances the suspenseful moments in Gremlins. The eerie and ominous tracks create a sense of tension that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, perfectly complementing the on-screen chaos caused by the gremlins.

Margaret Martinez

Overall, the Gremlins soundtrack is a standout example of how music can elevate a film and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Dorothy Moore

The soundtrack of Gremlins perfectly captures the whimsical and mischievous tone of the film. Each track enhances the suspense and comedy of the storyline, making it a joy to listen to.

John Jackson

The music in Gremlins perfectly complements the on-screen action, enhancing the emotional impact of pivotal scenes.