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Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

Hey Jude

Title in Italiano:

Hey Jude


Hey Jude celebrates the innate beautiful things in human beings and life as a whole. For the world, Jude and his thought processes seem like a puzzle. However, certain unforeseen incidents take him to places he has never been to and experiences beyond his imaginations that help him shed his inhibitions.

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Hey Jude
Manassane Manthrikan
Vinayak Sasikumar: Writer
Rahul Raj: Produced
Rahul Raj: Performer
Meenukal Vannupoi
Ouseppachan: Produced
Amal Antony: Perfrormed
Dr. Madhu Vasudevan: Writer
Ouseppachan: Produced
Prabha Varma: Writer
Shakthisree Gopalan: Perfrormed
Rock Rock
Sayonara Philip: Perfrormed
Ouseppachan: Produced
Shyamaprasad: Writer
Yela La La
Gopi Sundar: Produced
Hari Narayanan: Writer
Madhav Nair: Perfrormed