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Tags: record store
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Alta fidelidad

Title in Italiano:

Alta fedeltà

Title in Português:

Alta Fidelidade


Thirty-something Rob Gordon, a former club DJ, owns a not-so-lucrative used record store in Chicago. He not so much employs Barry and Dick, but rather keeps them around as they showed up at the store one day and never left. All three are vinyl and music snobs, but in different ways.

Rob has a penchant for compiling top-five lists. The latest of these lists is his top-five break-ups, it spurred by the fact that his latest girlfriend, Laura, a lawyer, has just broken up with him. He believed that Laura would be the one who would last, partly as an expectation of where he would be at this stage in his life.

Rob admits that there have been a few incidents in their relationship which in and of themselves could be grounds for her to want to break up. To his satisfaction, Laura is not on this top-five list. Rob feels a need not only to review the five relationships, which go back as far as middle school when he was 12, and try to come to terms with why the woman, or girl as the case may be, left him, but also, in the words of Charlie Nicholson, number four on the list, "what it all means" for why he has ended up where he is, which is nowhere, personally or professionally, close to what he envisioned.

He also has to come to terms with what it means that Laura has moved on to Ian Raymond, a man for whom neither had any respect when they were together.

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High Fidelity
You're Gonna Miss Me
Roky Erickson: Writer
13th Floor Elevators: Performer
I Want Candy
Jerry Goldstein: Writer
Bow Wow Wow: Performer
Crocodile Rock
Elton John: Writer
Elton John: Performer
Crimson and Clover
Seymour Stein
Belle & Sebastian: Performer
Isobel Campbell: Writer
Jacob's Ladder
Neil Peart: Writer
Walking On Sunshine
Kimberley Rew: Writer
Katrina & The Waves: Performer
Baby Got Going
Liz Phair: Writer
Liz Phair: Performer
Little Did I Know
I'm Wrong About Everything
I Can't Stand The Rain
The River
Baby, I Love Your Way
Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
Cold Blooded Old Times
On Hold
Hyena 1
I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Babe
Always See Your Face
Soaring and Boring
Leave Home
Who Loves The Sun
Robbin's Nest
Rock Steady
Suspect Device
Dry The Rain
We Are The Champions
I'm Glad You're Mine
Your Friend and Mine
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
Get It Together
Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
Tread Water
The Moonbeam Song
Juice (Know the Ledge)
Doing It Anyway
What's On Your Mind
Good and Strong
The Inside Game
The Night Chicago Died
Chapel of Rest
Most of the Time
I Get The Sweetest Feeling
Lo Boob Oscillator
The Anti-Circle
Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
Homespin Rerun
Hit the Street
Let's Get It On
I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
My Little Red Book
You're Gonna Miss Me
Roky Erickson: Performer
Jacob's Ladder
Isobel Campbell: Performer
I'm Wrong About Everything
John Wesley Harding: Performer
I Can't Stand The Rain
Ann Peebles: Performer
I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Babe
Barry White: Performer
Robbin's Nest
Illinois Jacquet: Performer
I'm Glad You're Mine
Al Green: Performer
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
Bob Dylan: Performer
Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
Lou Reed: Performer
What's On Your Mind
Eric B.: Performer

User reviews

Lisa Wright

The soundtrack of High Fidelity is a masterful blend of classic hits and lesser-known gems, showcasing the eclectic taste of the characters and the nostalgic feel of the record store setting. The music becomes a character in itself, driving the narrative forward and creating a rich atmosphere that immerses the viewer in the world of Rob Gordon and his passion for music.

Joseph Smith

The variety of music genres represented in the soundtrack is impressive. From rock to soul to punk, each song choice showcases the eclectic taste of the characters and adds richness to the film's atmosphere.

Joseph Evans

The soundtrack of High Fidelity perfectly captures the essence of the characters' obsession with music and vinyl culture, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

David Mitchell

The use of music as a storytelling device in High Fidelity is masterfully executed, enhancing the narrative and creating a strong emotional connection with the characters.

Margaret Miller

The soundtrack of High Fidelity not only serves as background music but also plays a significant role in shaping the mood of the scenes. The songs are carefully curated to evoke specific emotions and enhance the storytelling.

Karen Garcia

The soundtrack of High Fidelity is a testament to the importance of music in shaping our identities and influencing our relationships, making it a relatable and engaging watch for viewers.

Michelle Baker

The integration of music into the narrative of the film is seamless and enhances the overall viewing experience. It creates a strong connection between the characters and the audience through shared musical moments.

Edward Lewis

The diverse range of music genres featured in the soundtrack, from rock to soul to pop, adds depth and richness to the storytelling, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

George Moore

Each song in the soundtrack is not only a musical delight but also a narrative tool that helps to deepen the audience's understanding of the characters and their motivations.

William Davis

Each song in the soundtrack is carefully selected to reflect the emotions and inner thoughts of Rob Gordon, the main character, as he navigates through his relationships and personal struggles.

Patricia Evans

The use of vinyl records in the film adds a nostalgic and genuine feel to the soundtrack. It enhances the overall experience and connects the audience to the characters' passion for music.

Carol Harris

The musical choices in High Fidelity felt dated and uninspired, failing to create a lasting impact or memorable moments. The soundtrack did not succeed in creating a cohesive and immersive listening experience that could have elevated the overall viewing experience.

Mark Harris

The use of music in High Fidelity enhances the character development and adds layers of complexity to the relationships portrayed in the film. The songs not only set the mood for different scenes but also serve as a reflection of the characters' personalities and inner struggles, creating a powerful connection between the audience and the story.

Ashley Thomas

Overall, the soundtrack of High Fidelity is a standout feature of the film. It elevates the storytelling, adds layers of depth to the characters, and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

Ronald Carter

The soundtrack of High Fidelity failed to capture the essence of the characters' emotional journey. The music felt disconnected from the introspective and nostalgic themes of the film, missing an opportunity to enhance the storytelling.

John Brown

The selection of songs in the soundtrack lacked diversity and depth, relying too heavily on predictable and overplayed tracks. It felt like a missed chance to explore lesser-known music that could have added a unique layer to the film's atmosphere.

Charles Clark

The soundtrack of High Fidelity perfectly captures the essence of the characters and their love for music. Each song selection feels authentic and adds depth to the story.

Elizabeth Adams

The songs in the soundtrack serve as a backdrop for the characters' personal growth and self-discovery, highlighting the transformative power of music in our lives.

Susan Phillips

The soundtrack features iconic tracks that resonate with audiences of all ages, bridging generational gaps and appealing to a wide range of music enthusiasts.

Jennifer Wright

The soundtrack effectively conveys the nostalgia and melancholy that permeate the film, evoking a sense of introspection and reflection in the audience.

Ashley Clark

The soundtrack of High Fidelity perfectly captures the essence of a music lover's world, with a diverse selection of songs that evoke a wide range of emotions and memories. Each track feels carefully curated and adds depth to the storytelling, making it a memorable listening experience.

Matthew Wright

Overall, the soundtrack of High Fidelity is a standout element of the film, enhancing its themes and characters with its carefully curated selection of songs that resonate long after the movie ends.