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Rating: 7.80/10 from 2000 votes
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Homicide: The Movie

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Homicide: The Movie

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Set just after the series concludes, the detectives from all seven season of "Homicide" return to solve the shooting of one of their own.

Former Shift Commander Al "Gee" Giardello (Yaphet Kotto) is running for Mayor of Baltimore on a controversial platform that has earned him more than a few enemies. Just as he is about to deliver a political speech, Gee is shot multiple times and is rushed to the hospital. His former colleagues, including Det. Stanley 'The Big Man' Bolander, ret.; Det. John Munch (NYPD); Det. Frank Pembleton, ret.; Det. Tim Bayliss; Mike Kellerman, P.I.; Det. Meldrick Lewis, Det. Paul Fasone; Det. Laura Ballard; Det. Terri Stivers, Det. Rene Sheppard and son Officer Mike Giardello reunite to investigate the incident. Also on hand are the recently promoted Lt. Stewart Gharty, the former and current Chief Medical Examiners, Dr. Julianna Cox and Dr. George Grisome, former Capt./Lt./Det. Megan Russert from France; film director JH Brodie, A.S.A. Ed Danvers, Col. George Barnfather, Capt. Roger Gaffneyand the fourth Mrs. John Munch, Billy Lou. Special appearances by former colleagues Det. Beau Felton, Det. Steve Crosetti and Kurt L Schmoke, Mayor of Baltimore.

"Homicide: The Movie" is the perfect cap to the "Homicide" series, reuniting its legendary cast and wrapping up the loose ends that left viewers wanting more at the series' finale. Embellished from © NBC/A&E Home Video DVD Bonus Disc.

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Homicide: Life Everlasting
Pick Myself Up
Peter Tosh: Writer
Peter Tosh: Performer
Beautiful Way
Beck: Writer
Beck: Performer
Devil Will Ride
Ian Ball: Writer
Billy Corgan: Writer
Smashing Pumpkins: Performer

User reviews

Laura Davis

The emotional depth of the soundtrack resonates with the audience, creating a strong connection to the characters and their stories.

Donald Lewis

The music selection for the movie effectively sets the tone for the suspenseful investigation and adds depth to the characters' emotions.

Steven White

Lisa Roberts

The soundtrack features memorable themes that evoke nostalgia for fans of the original series, adding a layer of sentimental value to the movie.

Paul Wright

The musical score seamlessly blends with the narrative, intensifying the suspense and adding depth to the scenes. It perfectly complements the stellar performances of the talented cast, creating a truly immersive viewing experience that stayed with me long after the movie ended.

Carol Hall

The use of different musical genres in the soundtrack showcases the versatility of the composers and their ability to create a diverse and engaging listening experience.

William Rodriguez

The soundtrack of the movie complements the performances of the talented cast, elevating the overall impact of the film.

Richard Lopez

The second negative opinion is that the soundtrack lacked originality and creativity. Many of the tracks felt generic and uninspired, failing to leave a lasting impression or add depth to the storytelling. I found myself wishing for more innovative and memorable musical choices that could have elevated the overall viewing experience.