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Tags: nude photo shoot
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

I'm Watching You

Title in Italiano:

I'm Watching You

Title in Português:

I'm Watching You


A small-town artist heads to Hollywood in search of commercial success but instead becomes the sole witness to a brutal murder. Laura (LoriDawn Messuri) moves into an L.A. loft teeming with sexual liaisons and befriends her sexy neighbor Alisha (Jacqueline Lovell). While Alisha introduces Laura to the arousing art of voyeurism, another neighbor helps her explore her newfound sexual promiscuity with searing phone sex. Meanwhile, the sordid life of a neighboring couple is among Laura and Alisha's favorite "shows", that is until one of their kinky evenings erupts in violence, and Laura is the only witness. When her investigation becomes life threatening, Laura recognizes that she must solve this plot before she, too, becomes a victim.

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I'm Watching You
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