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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Jack Ryan: Operación Sombra

Title in Italiano:

Jack Ryan - L'iniziazione

Title in Português:

Jack Ryan: Agente Sombra


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a 2014 American action thriller film directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Kenneth Branagh, and Keira Knightley. The film is based on the character Jack Ryan created by Tom Clancy.

The story follows Jack Ryan, a young covert CIA analyst who uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack. Ryan is recruited by CIA veteran William Harper to join the agency as an operative. As Ryan delves deeper into the conspiracy, he must navigate a dangerous world of espionage and deceit to stop the attack and save his country.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a fast-paced thriller that combines action, suspense, and intrigue. With its gripping storyline and dynamic performances, the film keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
'Sorry, Wrong Number' (Prelude)
Amarilli, Mia Bella
Faith of Our Fathers
Let It Go Slow
Face to Face
Moscow-Vladovostok (Harisma Remix)
Sorry, Wrong Number Prelude
Moscow-Vladivostok (Harisma Remix)
Maksim Fadeev: Performer

User reviews

Elizabeth Jones

The dynamic and energetic soundtrack helps to elevate the tension during key moments, creating a truly immersive experience for viewers.

Andrew Allen

The soundtrack showcases the talent and creativity of the composers, enhancing the overall quality of the film and contributing to its success.

William Parker

The blend of orchestral arrangements and electronic elements in the soundtrack creates a modern and captivating sound that suits the espionage theme of the film.

Dorothy Hill

The soundtrack features a mix of orchestral arrangements and electronic elements that blend seamlessly to contribute to the film's modern espionage atmosphere, making it a compelling auditory experience.

Donald Garcia

Deborah Williams

I found the musical score of the film to be well-crafted and effective in creating a sense of tension and urgency during key moments, adding to the excitement of the storyline.

Kenneth Martinez

The music sets the tone for the suspense and intrigue that Jack Ryan faces throughout the movie, adding depth to the storyline and keeping the audience engaged.

Ashley Parker