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Tags: popping out of a cake
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Alerta máxima

Title in Italiano:

Trappola in alto mare

Title in Português:

A Força em Alerta

Title in Français:

Piège en haute mer

Title in Türk:

Kuşatma Altında

Title in Deutsch:

Alarmstufe: Rot


Under Siege

The battleship Missouri is about to be decommissioned. Casey Ryback is Captain Adam's personal cook. And Ryback is always butting heads with the ship's XO Commander Krill but the Captain always intercedes.

One day, after the President visits the Missouri, which is also the Captain's birthday, the Captain learns that a helicopter has been cleared to land on the ship by Commander Krill, which he was not informed of. When questioned Krill tells the Captain that it's a surprise for his birthday, the Captain then allows it.

Later after another one of their scuffles, Krill has Ryback locked in the freezer. During the party, the rock band reveals themselves to be mercenaries, led by William Stranix, a CIA operative, who is in league with Krill to unload all of the ship's nuclear warheads. They lock up all of the crew and make preparations to remove the warheads.

And Krill remembers Ryback, Stranix sends two of his men to take care of Ryback, only thing is that Ryback took care of them. Upon discovering their bodies, Stranix deduces that Ryback is more than a cook. He then sends Krill to check on him, and Krill discovers that Ryback's a NAVY SEAL, who got busted down to a cook after an incident in Panama.

And Ryback continues to create trouble for them, so Stranix tries to hunt him down. Along the way, Ryback meets Jordan, a former playmate, who was supposed to entertain at the party but was also forgotten.

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Under Siege
Whiskey Fever
Method Man: Writer
Rap Mama Goose
Gene Barge: Writer
Hiram Bullock: Richard davis, tad robinson, wendall wayne stewart and tommy lee jones produced
Love You to Death
Gene Barge: Writer
Hiram Bullock: Richard davis, tad robinson, wendall wayne stewart and tommy lee jones produced
The Power
Snap!: Performer
Michael Münzing: Writer
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Jimi Hendrix: Writer
Jimi Hendrix: Performer
Sea of Blues
Gene Barge: Writer
Hiram Bullock: Richard davis, tad robinson and wendall wayne stewart produced
Star Spangled Banner
Jimi Hendrix: Performer
Francis Scott Key: Writer
Ooh Baby
Cryer: Performer
Gary Chang: Performer
Gary Chang: Performer
The Takeover
Gary Chang: Performer
Casey Gets In Touch
Gary Chang: Performer
Casey Saves Jordan
Gary Chang: Performer
Reveal Sub
Gary Chang: Performer
Sub Splits
Gary Chang: Performer
The Sink The Sub
Gary Chang: Performer
Casey Rescues The Laundry
Gary Chang: Performer
Sitting Ducks
Gary Chang: Performer
The Broadway Shootout
Gary Chang: Performer
Casey Meets Strannix
Gary Chang: Performer
Casey Saves hawaii
Gary Chang: Performer
Gary Chang: Performer

User reviews

Mark Lopez

The music in Under Siege effectively sets the tone for each scene, from the suspenseful moments to the thrilling action sequences, immersing the audience in the story.

Donna Carter

The musical score felt repetitive and uninspired, adding little to the overall atmosphere of the film and often feeling disconnected from the on-screen events.

Patricia Clark

The use of music in Under Siege helps to build the atmosphere and intensify the emotional impact of key moments, making the film more engaging and memorable.

Steven Wilson

The soundtrack of Under Siege perfectly captures the tension and excitement of the action-packed scenes, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Ronald Williams

The music in Under Siege also does a great job of highlighting the emotional moments in the film. The subtle piano melodies during the quieter, character-driven scenes help to convey the inner struggles and motivations of the main characters, adding depth to the overall storytelling.

Brian Clark

The powerful orchestral pieces in the soundtrack evoke a sense of urgency and danger, immersing me fully in the high-stakes situation unfolding on the battleship Missouri. The use of drums and brass instruments adds a dynamic and thrilling layer to the overall viewing experience.

Karen Wilson

The choice of music in certain key moments felt jarring and out of place, breaking the immersion and hindering the emotional impact of the scenes.

Richard Taylor

Overall, the soundtrack of Under Siege is a solid complement to the on-screen action and drama. The variety of musical styles and tones used throughout the film help to create a well-rounded listening experience that enhances the overall viewing experience.

Patricia Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Under Siege failed to capture the tension and excitement of the action scenes, lacking depth and intensity.

Joseph Adams

The soundtrack of Under Siege truly enhances the tension and excitement of the film. The music perfectly captures the suspenseful moments during the action sequences, keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Kenneth Williams

The soundtrack of Under Siege showcases a great mix of orchestral pieces and modern sounds, creating a dynamic and engaging auditory experience that complements the visuals perfectly.

Sarah Thomas

The soundtrack of Under Siege effectively sets the tone for the intense action sequences in the film. The use of dramatic orchestral pieces during the battle scenes enhances the suspense and excitement, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

David Lewis

I found myself completely engrossed in the film thanks to the captivating musical score of Under Siege. The soundtrack not only complements the visuals but also elevates the emotional impact of key scenes, making it a standout aspect of the movie for me.