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On an overnight school trip to the city of Petra, the students are told of the tales of Jinn, ancient supernatural creatures that both those that existed peacefully with humans and those that wanted to destroy humanity. While some expressed disbelief, others believed some of the stories, including that they can take the shape of both animals and humans. A few of the students splinter off to party and one of them who was a bully to others, (including one particular student who is rescued by a classmate after the bully leaves him in a hole) mysteriously falls off a cliff. The authorities are called and they suspect it was because he was inebriated. The trip concludes after the incident. Unbeknownst to everyone, both a good and an evil Jinn are awakened. Both of them are summoned after calling out and 2 respond. The good Jinn, Keras, tried to save the bully who fell. He then visits Mira, the girl who brought the alcohol, at home and tells her that her classmates are in danger, but she can save them. She is the summoner of him, so he tells her that he will protect her till he can collect the evil, female Jinn and take her back to Petra.

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Lee Van Cleef
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