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Jean-Pierre Bauwens Junior is a 23-year-old youth world champion in the lightweight category of boxing, with a very special family. He is the oldest of seven siblings, four of whom suffer from autism. Junior doesn't just fight for pride or glory; he is fighting for a better future for his poor family. By boxing his way to the top, he wants to buy them a bigger house. But then tragedy strikes: Junior's autistic brother kills his father by accident. This film shows the tough clash between a loving family and the cold reality.

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All I Want Is You
My Rollercoaster
A Well Respected Man
(Ummmm, Oh Yeah) Dearest
Tire Swing
Piazza, New York Catcher
Loose Lips
All the Young Dudes - David Bowie & Ian Hunter Vocal
So Nice So Smart
Sea of Love
I'm Sticking With You
Drinking With Lonely
You Were Never Really Here
It's My Time
Take My Heart And Run(L.A.B.)
In a Different Light
Shame on Humans
Oh, My God
Gilgamesh & the Snake
Lose Myself
Hate to See You Wasted
I Found Myself
Must I Die Alone
You Were Chosen (D.M.R.P. Remix)
Restore Me
You're Still Moving