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Rating: 5.60/10 from 326 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Perfect Education

Title in Italiano:

The Perfect Education

Title in Português:

The Perfect Education


Schoolgirl Kuniko is kidnapped by a middle-aged man Iwazono when she is jogging. He tells her that he had a failed marriage which leaves him a deep and everlasting scar in his mind. He kidnaps her in search of a perfect marriage and intends to lock her in the room and 'educate' her to perform perfect sex where body and soul are united. With the strong sense of fear and humiliation at the beginning, Kuniko gradually accepts Iwazono who treats her with total respect (except that she is still his prisoner). The distance between the two shortens and their relationship becomes more like that of lovers in spite of the large age difference between them...

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Kanzen-naru shiiku
SPIRIT - From Disney's "The Lion King"
Good as Hell
Higher Love
Colors - Coca-Cola® Anthem, 2018 FIFA World CupTM
Anything's Possible
My Time
Glory of Love
Feels So Good (Lifted)
You Are So Beautiful
Glorious (feat. Skylar Grey)
Be Happy
Read All About It, Pt. III - Live From Spotify, London
One Moment in Time
The Man
I Touched the Fire
I Lived
One Call Away
Kiss from a Rose
Strength Courage & Wisdom
Diamonds and Pearls
My Song
Overjoyed (feat. Kenny Washington & Karl Perazzo)
You Are My Friend
King Is Born
Be You
Is This Love
Ur the Shhh
If It Wasn't for Your Love
Just the Way You Are
I Am Blessed
Celebra La Vida
Dream In Color
I Was Here
UMI Says
Bridge over Troubled Water
Take My Breath Away - Love Theme from "Top Gun"
We Are
All of Me
Here's To Life
We Are The Champions - Remastered 2011
Remember the Tinman
We Are One
Reach (NBC Olympic Version)
Run the World (Girls)
Breathing Underwater
I Believe
Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)
Everything Is Everything
This Is Me
My Shot (feat. Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz & Nate Ruess) - Rise Up Remix

User reviews

Mary Taylor

I found the soundtrack of Kanzen-naru shiiku to be deeply unsettling and inappropriate given the disturbing nature of the storyline. The music seemed to romanticize the disturbing relationship between Kuniko and Iwazono, which made me feel uncomfortable.

David Taylor

The soundtrack's ability to evoke a range of emotions, from fear and despair to hope and unexpected tenderness, showcases the skillful composition and arrangement of the music.

John Roberts

The way the soundtrack evolves alongside the characters' relationship is truly remarkable. From the initial feelings of fear and humiliation to the eventual sense of connection and intimacy, the music beautifully underscores every emotional beat of the narrative, making it a crucial element in the overall experience of the film.

Patricia Lopez

The choice of music in certain scenes, especially those depicting the sexual education of Kuniko, felt exploitative and added an unnecessary layer of discomfort to an already disturbing narrative. The use of music failed to create a sense of tension or unease, instead, it felt out of place and jarring.

John King

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack of Kanzen-naru shiiku perfectly capture the psychological tension and emotional depth of the storyline.

Amanda Baker

The use of subtle instrumentation in certain scenes enhances the sense of unease and vulnerability experienced by the characters, adding layers of complexity to the narrative.

Amanda Hill

The haunting melodies and atmospheric sounds in the film's score create a sense of unease and tension that mirrors the psychological struggles faced by the characters. The music truly immerses you in the dark and twisted world of the story.

Jennifer Robinson

The contrast between the dark, brooding themes of the film and the moments of delicate beauty in the music creates a captivating dynamic that draws the listener deeper into the story.

Matthew Robinson

Donald Rodriguez

The emotional depth and intensity of the soundtrack in Kanzen-naru shiiku perfectly captures the complex relationship between Schoolgirl Kuniko and Iwazono. The music enhances the feelings of fear, vulnerability, and eventual acceptance that the characters experience throughout the film.

Brian Clark

Overall, the soundtrack of Kanzen-naru shiiku is a standout element of the film, enriching the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impression with its evocative melodies and atmospheric soundscapes.