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Nisha K. Rathod and Anand Kohli are two collegians who are in love with each other and would like to get married. While Nisha lives with her widowed dad, Customs Officer Kailashnath Rathod, Anand is an orphan living with his paternal uncle,Inspector General of Police, Suryakant Sharma. When the two officials find out, they have a meeting and both agree to this marriage alliance provided Anand gets employed by the Police. Anand undergoes training and does get employed and goes to surprise Nisha. To his shock and surprise he finds her in the arms of another man, Dr. Deepak Kaushal. When he questions her, she refuses to have to do anything with him and tells him to go out of her life. Then Suryakant assigns Anand to the cases of some underworlds criminals, namely Peter Gonzales, Mr. John, and Tinnu. Anand accepts this case, not knowing that Nisha's refusal to marry him are connected with these criminal masterminds - who will do anything in their power to get their way, but nothing can ever prepare Anand for the shock when he finally uncovers the real identities of these criminals.

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Air Tight
In a Box
An Impossible Crime
Being Patient / Beifong's Sacrifice
Asami and Mako Dine
On the Lam
Hittin' on All Sixes
Good Ol' Days
Fresh Air
Korra Confronts Tarrlok
Squeaky Rags
Chi Blockers
A Peaceful Place
Left My Heart in Republic City
Firebending Training
Republic City Under Attack