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Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

La La Land

Title in Português:

La La Land: Melodia de Amor


In Hollywood, Mia and Sebastian are struggling to make it in their respective careers, about which each has extreme passion. Mia is an actress who dropped out of college and moved from small-town Nevada five years ago to pursue her dream. She is enamored with old-time Hollywood - the movies she grew up on - but hates the cattle-herding feeling of going on auditions and her belief that she needs to schmooze at social events to get ahead in the business. Sebastian is a jazz pianist, his style of jazz in the vein of traditionalists Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk. He wants to do his part to preserve that tradition, especially as he knows that that style of music is dying. He has trouble emotionally playing music he doesn't like just to get a paying gig. He dreams of opening his own jazz club, most specifically in what used to be a famous jazz club that has since been converted to a tapas-bar-cum-salsa-dance-club.

Partly because of their individual struggles and partly because of the situations, their first few chance meetings are antagonistic. But they eventually become attracted to each other largely because of the passion for their dreams that they see in each other. But there are many obstacles to a happily-ever-after. They may be able to endure the struggling-artist life for so long before those struggles take their toll. The pursuit of their individual dreams may take all their energies with nothing left for their relationship. And any compromise each may make in getting ahead may change the person with whom each has fallen in love.

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La La Land
1812 Overture
No Two Words
Justin Hurwitz: Performer
Si Ridesta in Ciel L'aurora
Anyone Can Get It
Marius De Vries: Performer
It Happened At Dawn
Justin Hurwitz: Performer
Damien Chazelle: Lyrics
Desiree Garcia: Performer
Another Day of Sun
Benj Pasek: Lyrics
Justin Hurwitz: Performer
Nick Baxter: Performer
Kôjô no Tsuki (The Moon over the Ruined Castle)
Thelonious Monk: Arrangement
Thelonious Monk: Performer
Rentarô Taki: Writer
Jingle Bells
Silent Night
Franz Xaver Gruber: Writer
Justin Hurwitz: Arrangement
Eddie Wakes: Performer
Someone in the Crowd
Benj Pasek: Lyrics
Justin Hurwitz: Performer
Callie Hernandez: Performer
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Justin Hurwitz: Traditional arranged
Deck The Halls
Thomas Oliphant: Traditional tune lyrics
Justin Hurwitz: Arrangement
Take On Me
Magne Furuholmen: Writer
D.A. Wallach: Performer
I Ran
Frank Maudsley: Writer
D.A. Wallach: Performer
Tainted Love
Ed Cobb: Writer
A Lovely Night
When I Wake
Herman's Habit
Rialto at Ten
City of Stars (Pier)
It Pays
Start a Fire
City of Stars
Audition (The Fools Who Dream)
Boy in the Park
City Of Stars (Humming)
Si Ridesta in Ciel L'aurora
Giuseppe Verdi: Performer
Herman's Habit
Justin Hurwitz: Performer

User reviews

Lisa Phillips

The songs in La La Land are not only catchy but also emotionally resonant. Each musical number adds depth to the characters' stories and helps convey their inner turmoil and aspirations.

Timothy Gonzalez

Each song is not only a delight to the ears but also conveys a profound sense of passion, nostalgia, and determination that resonates deeply with the audience.

Brian Thompson

Each song in the soundtrack is a standout piece on its own, showcasing the talent and versatility of the composers and performers.

Emily Johnson

With a perfect blend of jazz, traditional musical theater, and contemporary pop influences, the soundtrack creates a unique and captivating listening experience.

Laura Martin

The soundtrack of La La Land is an absolute masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of the characters' dreams and struggles.

Edward Taylor

The jazz compositions in the soundtrack authentically reflect Sebastian's dedication to preserving the traditional jazz style he loves.

Paul Adams

Overall, the soundtrack of La La Land is a masterful work of art that enhances the film's themes of love, ambition, and the pursuit of dreams.

Susan Scott

The musical arrangements evoke a sense of longing and yearning, mirroring the characters' desires for success and fulfillment.

Michael Perez

The music beautifully conveys the nostalgic and romantic atmosphere of old-time Hollywood that Mia is enamored with.

Laura Garcia

The blend of jazz and contemporary musical elements in the soundtrack of La La Land is a perfect match for the characters' journey of pursuing their dreams while facing the harsh realities of the entertainment industry.

John Young

The music in La La Land elevates the emotional impact of key moments in the film, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Laura Lopez

Additionally, I found some of the musical numbers to be overly theatrical and unrealistic, especially given the gritty and realistic portrayal of Hollywood's challenges and harsh realities in the film. The soundtrack seemed to veer too much into a fantastical and romanticized view of the characters' lives, which didn't always align with the raw and authentic storytelling of the movie.

Emily Lewis

The soundtrack of La La Land perfectly captures the essence of the struggles and passions of Mia and Sebastian in pursuing their dreams.

Steven Hernandez

The soundtrack effectively enhances the storytelling, creating a seamless blend of music and narrative in the film.

Laura Parker

The emotional depth of the songs resonates with the internal conflicts and external obstacles the main characters face in their careers.

Deborah Miller

I found the La La Land soundtrack to be somewhat lacking in diversity and depth. While the songs were catchy and well-performed, I felt that they didn't fully capture the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' struggles and dreams.

Amanda Wilson

The soundtrack of La La Land truly captures the essence of the characters' struggles and passions. The music beautifully reflects Mia's longing for old Hollywood glamour and Sebastian's dedication to preserving traditional jazz.

Mark Walker

La La Land soundtrack is a true work of art that elevates the film to a whole new level, making it a truly unforgettable cinematic experience.

Ashley Nelson

The music beautifully intertwines with the storyline, enhancing the emotions and depth of the characters' journeys.

Kenneth Perez

The diversity of musical styles and genres in the soundtrack adds depth and richness to the overall listening experience.